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Review of Spread the Movie for Katalyst and @aplusk

Spread the Movie

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Spreadthemovie, aplusk and Katalysthq (on Twitter)

Spread is difficult to categorise. Probably the very reason why it is so cool!

It is perhaps too slick and stylised to be categorised as an Indie flick. It is an Urban pic with a whole lot of gloss. It stands alone Is there another movie quite like it? NO.

The main point is it is SEXY!

Spread is a snappy energetic and upbeat depiction of the Hollywood Lifestyle.

What happens when a cute young guy Nikki plonks himself in the middle of the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood with nothing but his wits and gorgeous bod to support him?

Spread shows the way

Spread is Urban and on-the-point. Visually it looks great and for those who are enticed by the Hollywood dream it probably gives a few good tips for survival.

Nikki starts his journey full of promise. His ethos brings him admirers and opportunities galore. His techniques seem to work. He is in control.

From the off Nikki comes across as cute, cool and clever; a lethal combination which for most women is impossible to resist. He is a young buck with nothing better to do than chance his arm and see where the groove takes him.

Spread is a tale with a twist which carries the inherent feeling that at some point it is all going to go horribly wrong. "what goes around comes around" and all that.

Once you get passed the superficial glamour and Hollywood trappings of the story line the excitment begins to fade. Reality dawns for Nikki and he has a fight on his hands.

Between the lines this is simply a struggle for survival in one's chosen location; something which we can all relate to! So what if Nikki lives in Hollywood and gets more action on the cocktail ciruit? He is still a human being.

Amazingly Nikki manages to avoid coming across as a total narcississt.

Ashton Kutcher pulls off his role, and everything else you care to mention, with great style. He manages to make Nikki immediately funny and likeable.

Beneath his sad and desperate manipulations Nikki is a cool guy. Spread wouldn't really work if he wasn't...

As the action progresses the karmas get complex and Nikki's slick ideas and Modus Operandi starts to crumble. Nikki meets his match, a beautful girl who brings him headwreck as well as lots of fun. The tables turn.

Of course it is no more than he deserves and the bra burning brigade may think it is fun to watch Nikki unravel.

Despite all the humour and sexiness of Spread, there is an underlying darkness to the story which seeps through. His reality check probably spoils Nikki's good mood anyway

Players everywhere take note; the old tricks are gonna have to be modified. ALOT of women are going to be watching this!

Spread exposes more than a limb or two. It is a sexy tale which comes with a warning....

Go see it...or else!


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If there’s one thing you should know about, it’s Synchronicity…

Always wondered what those coincidences in life big and small really mean?

Psychic and author Sarah Delamere Hurding reveals how to harness the power of synchronicity.

(Spirit and Destiny Magazine)

Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for months only to bump into them in a busy shopping centre?

Or have their name to flash up on your mobile moments before you key in their number?

This is the tantalizing nature of synchronicity.

We all have examples of intriguing, significant coincidences that have happened along the way. But sit down and try to define the quality of these magical moments and it is likely you’ll run into difficulty.

It doesn’t help that we tend to be ruled by our logical minds, which tell us to put everything into a safe, ordered box, and dismiss apparently random events.But these synchronicities are happening everywhere in our daily lives – whether we choose to notice them or not.

If we close our minds to this phenomenon, we run the risk of reducing life to a purely material, painfully tedious, humdrum level.

Synchronicity is a magical thing that has the power to transform and enhance our lives if we decide to give it air time.It is my belief that a greater understanding of synchronicity unlocks our innate creativity and oomph, as well as our ability to manifest good things and choose the life path that’s right for us.

Universal Forces at work:

We are all interconnected by an energetic World-Wide-Web.

Understanding synchronicity greatly enhances our life experience by helping us tune into our weird and wonderful universe. These moments have an energizing significant quality that connects us to each other and to the hub of life itself.

Synchronicity reassures us that our lives really do have an inherent meaning. It’s comforting to think that there IS a pattern and destiny within the chaos, emphasizing life’s magical quality.

Synchronicity really is not the reflection or projection of a mad psyche, or an imagining designed to make us feel better. (Psychic really is NOT the same as psycho).These are real events, providing food for thought, if not nourishment for the soul.

Synchronicity directly reflects our inner and outer reality. For, it is when our inner moments are reflected in the outside world that our realities collide. When this happens, our inner-tuition is validated by a wonderful external event. We feel vindicated and liberated in one fell swoop.


There definitely seems to be a link between heightened intuition and synchronicity.

My life as a psychic has been full of events too numerous to mention, that continually reassure me that synchronicity is a phenomenon which hits the spot time and time again.

There is no doubt that synchronicity makes us aware of the powerful forces at work in the Universe and encourages us to increasingly trust our hunches.

It is when we pay attention to what’s really going on, that our intuition kicks in and begins to help us in practical ways.

As we trust it, we then begin to access the power centre within that ALWAYS knows what to do next. The still small voice within…

Intuition is a significant part of our psyche which can be opened up and developed, making us more prone to the synchronicity moments that reveal so much. It acts as a strong indicator and yields profound clues about what can happen next.

Although my upbringing was traditional and academic (my father is a doctor, psychotherapist, Anglican lay reader and author), I was also taught to be empathetic and open to life’s magic and mystery.

My Scorpio Nan is well known for her intuition, even at the ripe old age of 93. Her memory is now severely impaired, but she still possesses the Gift which I obviously inherited. Nan was always able to predict the arrival of an unplanned guest and would have inevitably made their favourite food the day before on a whim.

Jung famously coined the phrase meaningful coincidence when he researched the phenomenon of synchronicity. And he identified three different types of this magical moment. The ability to PREDICT events is the first of these.

Some of you may remember that I blew the socks off Louis Walsh (not easy) when I predicted the full line up of SIX, months before the judges had themselves decided.I put names in an envelope in October, and the protégés were unveiled in February, minus Nadine Coyle who had famously lied about her age. My sixth choice was her replacement…


is the second type of synchronicity, which you may experience when a book falls open at the right page, or drops off the shelf in the library. Or you get that phone call just as you are dialing the person calling YOU!

I was amazed to see Bono’s drawing of ‘Mermaid in the Temple Bar’ for the I-Cross charity released in November 2002. We had bumped into each other on the beach in October, when I had just written the first chapter of my book ‘Mermaid in the Kitchen’. I subsequently opened up the paper to find his Mermaid sketch staring back at me, dated October 2002. Even though we are friends, neither of us was conscious of the similar title and theme of our work at that point.

The third example of synchronicity is TELEPATHY, which may come in the form of a dream, vision, or‘sensing what someone is experiencing a distance away.

When I lived in Edinburgh, I would regularly turn up on my pregnant friend’s doorstep with the relevant craving of the day. Even quite obscure things like Kumquats, Black-eyed Beans and melons from the corner shop found their way into my bag (paid for of course) as I arrived for our daily chat.

Getting what you want:

By opening our minds to synchronicity we are able to amplify our intuition. Rather like flexing a psychic muscle, it’s a case of use it or lose it.

The observation of synchronicity offers us a practical way to develop intuitive awareness. The more tuned-in to the universe we are, the more able we are to recognize the right way forward. Our intuition, when it’s truly jumping, enables us to access our best options. And by being more psychic and intuitive we allow destiny to take a hand in a profound way.

As we grow, and become increasingly aware, synchronicity can also be a highly effective form of guidance, revealing clues from our Guardian Angel, Higher Self, or Innate Psychology.

Once when I needed guidance about what to do with my beloved Dashund Freddie, who had been making improvements after a nasty road accident, I looked out of the window, and there against a clear blue sky were three images which answered the question. The first cloud was in the shape of a Dashund lying down, the second was of a Dashund running; then there was a gap and finally there was an image of a Dashund leaping heavenwards.

The answer was clear; it was time to let him go…

Synchronicity gets us into the groove most effectively when we are as Jung described it:


This level of maturity and unity with the universe is difficult to achieve. We can but try! The Individuated individual is a formidable force indeed. This person has a sophisticated knowledge of symbols and is usually able to analyze, but not over interpret, life’s synchronicities. Likely to have heightened psychic ability and spiritual awareness the individuated person knows the value of meditation, silence and humour. Let’s just call her Little Miss Perfect (or Mr Right-on-cue).

Everyone’s personal journey is different. But with synchronicity offering to put the wind in our sails, we can certainly look forward to feeling empowered and free.

A word of warning...

There is of course a danger in reading too much into every little thing, and one can no doubt go too far. But I do believe we are more powerful than we realize, and synchronicity definitely underlines that fact.

We are indeed so creative that we CAN manifest quite effectively our hopes and fears simply by focusing. It goes without saying then, that it’s best to keep it positive.

A negative spiral of thinking helps no one and you may in fact be blocking your synchronicity moments if you give your insecurities too much air time.

Remember, we are creative beings who structure our lives from minute to minute. So learn to access what you want, need and desire, as opposed to what you dread and fear. Project the good stuff into the ether by ditching negative thought patterns.

It is better not to think at all than to think negatively. Empty your mind of emotional debris and clutter, then relax and begin to visualize every good thing. It really is as simple as that.

Remain open and receptive to your destiny. But at all times use your skills of discernment and wisdom too.

Your synchronicity moments will then naturally increase and you will have ample confirmation from the Universe that you are well and truly on track...

The Psycholgy of Synchronicty


Most people think they have a fair idea what Synchronicity is. We are all agreed that Synchronicity is a particularly fine album by The Police for a start. But sit down and try to define the quality of these Magical moments and is it likely you will run into difficulty.

We all have examples of intriguing, significant coincidences that have happened along the way; Sting certainly does not have the monopoly on all things Mysterious! But Synchronicity is in fact quite an involved and controversial subject.

At its most sophisticated, the troublesome phenomenon of Synchronicity has been running rings around phenomenologists for aeons! Karl Jung talked about the ‘meaningful coincidence’, whilst the materialist Freud quickly dismissed all such whackery with the scathing label ‘Spook Complex’.

Liable to get the back up of the nearest Skeptic, Synchronicity seems to endanger the safe, ordered perception of the logical mind. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get factor gets short shrift when the allure of a ‘meaningful coincidence’ takes centre stage. Suddenly commonsense and rational approaches to life have to take a rain-check; and the world of the die-hard cynic potentially comes a tumbling down.

Shame…Of course, we common-folk all love the notion of a bit of Magic in our lives. It gives us a significance and meaning out side of our sometimes humdrum existence. But our general western reserve also bestows upon us an innate fear of losing the plot. We don’t want to be seen as too off-the-wall; so far too easily we dismiss our Synchronicities as mere coincidence.

The phenomenon of Synchronicity in many ways has a bad press. We are reluctant to give the ramblings of our secret delight when something cool happens too much airtime. WHY? There is indeed a danger in reading too much into every little thing, and one can no doubt go too far. But on the other hand, we risk reducing life to a purely material, painfully tedious, level if we ignore Synchronicity altogether.

I would like to suggest that we are in danger of missing out on a whole lot if we don’t begin to give Synchronicity more consideration. These moments have an energizing significant quality that connects us to each other and to the hub of life itself.

It is my belief that a greater understanding of Synchronicity unlocks our innate creativity and oomph, as well as our ability to manifest good things. Of course the Universe famously plays tricks on those who profess to understand its mysteries. But in my book, Synchronicity holds the key to decoding much of the riddle we spend our lives trying to understand. We only have to be brave enough to try a different approach. We can in fact get much closer to appreciating what’s really going on and our natural connectedness if we open up and pay just a little more attention.

We are all interconnected by an energetic World-Wide-Web, and even the cynical, pragmatic scientists who investigate quantum physics are not far off reaching the same conclusions. Well they probably already have. It will be a victorious day for the intuitive when science finally catches up; or at least admits to it.

Of course one doesn’t have to understand these meaningful coincidences in order for them to happen. But there is no denying that an awareness of Intuition, Symbols and Archetypes helps us to more readily tune into our weird and wonderful Universe. Synchronicity reflects our inner and outer reality and as such offers an apparently objective statement from the Universe that our intuitions are correct.

I do believe though that we are much more powerful than we appreciate. There is a strong argument to suggest that the more ‘Tuned-in’ to our creative essence we are, the more Synchronicity tends to enliven our existence.

Our Inner-tuition provides us with meaningful signals; which once we learn how to decipher them, can greatly enhance our understanding and experience of life.

Many of those who have researched Synchronicity, of which the most famous is probably Karl Jung, conclude that there is not much to distinguish Intuition and Synchronicity. When you know who is on the end of the line, is it a form of telepathy, Synchronicity, or both?

When you just know something beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is happening deep within? It is when our inner moments are reflected in the outer world, that our realities collide.

As Above: So Below. There is, in a moment of Synchronicity, nothing to distinguish between the two. Our Inner-tuition is reflected and validated by an external event and we feel vindicated and liberated in one fell swoop; a precious moment indeed.

I am not totally convinced that Intuition and Synchronicity are one and the same. But they are certainly linked. You don’t get one without the other generally; though it is undoubtedly possible for even the most hardened cynic to occasionally get a moment of enlightenment.

Intuition comes from somewhere within our psyche. It acts like a strong lead or indicator as to what can happen. And if you’re clairvoyant to boot, you will also get inexplicable messages (which are impossible to verify until the event) about what is actually going to happen.

Synchronicity on the other hand seems to be an external reflection of what’s going on deep inside. Perhaps you had a profound dream which is then replicated in an event the next day; or perhaps you are powerful and need to monitor your thought processes very carefully lest they reflect in external events you had not bargained for.

I got a big warning about this one day, and have been VERY careful ever since; especially as I have seen the phenomenon play-out many times in different ways. Several years ago, I was bored one night in my job as Hostess of U2’s Kitchen nightclub and innocently made a slapstick joke to the security guys to; give Bono’s NEW Mercedes a flat tyre. I don’t know what possessed me, but clearly something did. I was horrified to then arrive the next evening to find the manager of The Clarence Hotel changing the monstrous wheel of Bono’s new pride and joy. OOPS! Now, was I picking up the event, or did I in some bizarre way make it happen; that is the question… (It’s okay he’s forgiven me)

There is no doubt that Synchronicity and Intuition can occur simultaneously. Like when you think of someone you haven’t seen for a long time and they then appear before you on a crowded street within minutes.

Often enough, our inner and outer worlds collide with such Synchronicities, if only we care to notice. But it is worth also being aware that we can receive false intuitions that are never destined to lead to a Synchronicitous event.

My client list used to be full of people who had received misleading information from readings which were in essence a mish-mash of inaccurate nonsense. People do waste a lot of energy waiting for Synchronicities that are never going to happen. Just because you have been told something is going to happen, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to. So be careful out there, and wait for your OWN Synchronicities to kick-in…

The Skeptics would also point out to us that there are 101 coincidences happening on a daily basis, which do not register as meaningful to us. Think of all the times we DON’T get run over when we run for the bus. This would of course be the cynic’s view of Synchronicity. But there IS something to be said for caution around the subject.

It is only too easy to get caught up in the excitement of our coincidences that we sometimes read too much meaning into them. We may even be inclined to make huge life changing decisions based on what just happened. Certainly intuitive people are quite likely to do this. Personally I make decisions in this way all of the time. There is no doubt that it has led me into some very interesting, illogical, but Magical scenarios. But it is not a straightforward route through life, and there are definitely blind alleys we can all too easily waltz down. There is a likelihood of chasing too many rainbows if one gives too much credence to coincidences at the expense of good old commonsense.

Finding the balance deep within is crucial to our success with this thorny subject. And if we are not willing to be objective, grounded and measured as we feel our way with it, getting hooked up on Synchronicity is in all honesty a recipe for disaster.

Psychologists are agreed that intuitive people are the ones more likely to experience Synchronicity. They are receptive, sensitive and some might say gullible people, who are inclined to give coincidences a lot more airtime than the pragmatic, logical types who need the proof of the pudding. It is my view that both extremes get it wrong.

It is all to easy to throw the baby out with the bath water and miss the subtle nuances and messages of the Universe if we close off completely to Synchronicity. Equally, it is easy enough to wander down a very colourful garden path which leads us into delusional territory, and from which it is very difficult to return to normality.

An unbalanced perception of such Universal phenomenon can make one very withdrawn and vulnerable to all sorts of dubious energies. It is quite easy to begin to read meaning into far too much and as a result become delusional and God forbid psychotic in the eyes of the normal world. That may sound a bit harsh, but it does reflect the extreme of what can happen when one goes too far down roads that are designed to quite literally do our heads in.

The healthy energetic approach to Synchronicity kicks in when an individual becomes as Jung defined it:

INDIVIDUATED. This level of maturity and unity with the universe is difficult to achieve, and one may indeed have to go down some of the blind alleys on offer, before one gets to the point where one is empowered and truly oneself. Everyone’s personal journey is different. But what one might call being-in-one’s-power is when the full force and Magic of Synchronicity kicks in.

The INDIVIDUATED individual is a formidable force indeed. This person has a sophisticated knowledge of symbols and usually has the ability to analyze, but not over-interpret, life’s Synchronicitous moments. Likely to have heightened psychic and spiritual ability, the Individuated person knows the value of meditation, silence and humour. Usually such a person has reached a sense of oneness within, and is enviably self-contained.

The phenomenon of Synchronicity is important, but not the be all and end all. Too often we assume that Synchronicity reassures us that our lives have inherent meaning; that there is a pattern outside of ourselves that really does give our lives a Magical quality. This is indeed the case; but we do become spiritually off balance if we give it too much importance.

Yes, Synchronicity in the right hands can become a highly effective form of guidance from our Guides, Higher-Self, and God too. But where do we go during those times when the Magic dies down? The answer is always within’. For it is there we find our Inner-tuition, the power centre that always knows what to do next.

Never mind external events; learn to access what you want, need and desire. Be creative, honour your dreams, hopes and visions, then get busy manifesting.

Conscious people must be careful. The potential power of our thoughts, words and deeds is daunting. And our Synchronicity moments underline the fact that we are creative beings who structure our own lives powerfully from minute to minute.

Project the good stuff into the ether, whilst remaining open and receptive. Then your rewards will be bountiful and your Synchronicity-moments tangible.

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Magazine Interview....Question and Answer

1) How would you describe your work and what you do? Would you be happy with the title fortune teller?

Well I am not going to rave about it as I have mixed feelings. This work is quite vocational and it is certainly not a glitzy, glamourous job once you scratch beneath the surface. You can face some quite interesting challenges whilst processing people’s stuff. But it is something that I take very seriously. It is a huge responsibility to be trying to help someone when they are perhaps at their most vulnerable. There can be a pressure as there is no one to answer to but God and of course the client.

I have to have absolute faith that the person who has asked for help will be helped. It just goes to show that you are given the people that you really can help. I have not been let down yet and I wouldn’t actually entertain that possibility as I have complete trust that this is how it works.

To do this work effectively, you need to be quite self-monitoring. Wisdom, integrity and discernment are key words which you have to have to the forefront of your mind the whole time like a mantra. It is fundamentally important never to work just ‘for the money’. Ironically you won’t last long in this ‘business’ if you have the wrong impulses and motivations. Spiritual law has a habit of tripping you up if you get too big for your boots.

It is not an easy path to take. I have been put through the wringer energetically on more than one occasion. It is not a career I would recommend to anyone; mainly because it is not actually a career at all. More often than not you simply work away as guided. You could get a phone call for a radio slot one minute, an email needing the week’s copy the next, a sports guy needing a quick fix at lunch time and by the end of the day two parents on the phone wanting some advice about their child.

Every day has its own flow. There is no office to attend from 9 to 5, which is a blessing. But at the same time the freedom of movement is fundamental as you often have to think on the hoof and respond on the hop. In truth it requires bucket loads of faith and huge trust even down to the details of daily life. The upside is of course that ‘The Gift’ can really help others if not always the person who possesses it.

I do love the rewarding aspect of what I do. It is great to see someone dealing with a really difficult situation walk out the door with a spring in their step. I try to make the sessions as empowering as possible and don’t encourage a dependency on what I do. I am actually happy if they never feel the need to see me again, so long as we have shifted the issue which was oppressing them.

I see what I do as a form of life coaching in a way. It is always important to make sure the person is functioning as fully as possible in all the areas of their life and to go over every aspect in which they feel stuck. Balance is the key to our happiness and equilibrium after all. This work is about much more than predicting what is going to happen next; though of course that is also part of it.

I would probably be a bit snobby about the term fortune teller. I am a bit wary of the image and expectations which people attach to the head scarf, loopy ear rings and crystal ball. I don’t relate to that at all. I don’t really aspire to working on the end of Brighton Pier; though that may yet be on the cards!

I’ve nothing against Mystic Meg; in fact I quite rate her. I just do not really want to go there myself. On reflection, I probably already did.

2) What types of people come to see you most – would you see more women than men, are they generally vulnerable people?

I know many people assume it is mainly women interested in this kind of work. But nothing could be further from the truth. Men are human and need help too, though they are admittedly more pragmatic creatures. Sometimes the people looking for help are vulnerable; but more often than not they simply need guidance. I have dealt with people experiencing a whole spectrum of issues. Of course client confidentiality is important. In general terms you could say I have had to get a handle on just about everything from High Court shenanigans, divorce settlements, conception and sex of children, illness, depression, work, relationships, money, to serious business dealings. You name it.

I tend to steer clear of party bookings and entertainment events where people assume you will come along and give some light hearted banter along with some cheery inoffensive predictions. I can not do flippant or superfluous readings. That is not really what it is all about. I prefer to dig deep and really help someone with whatever it is they are facing. Sex, gender, race and creed are irrelevant. If someone needs advice and I can help, I will do my best for them.

3) Can you take us through what happens when someone comes to you for a reading, do you actually see things or is it more feelings that you get. Can you describe what goes on in your head when you are giving a reading?

What doesn’t go on in my head when giving a reading! (Just kidding). Actually I guess you could say it is better to empty your head and heart of any expectations. Every reading and healing has its organic process and follows its own flow. There is absolutely NO point in trying to second guess what is happening nor what is going to happen. Also it is completely necessary to switch off from one’s own life and issues otherwise you are not giving the person the 100% they deserve.

I actually stopped readings for a few years for this reason. I needed to stop, recharge, reflect and sort things out. Even now, I will not see a client if I am not in the right space to help as I do not think it is fair on them. Where it is urgent though, I will always make myself available.

A reading usually builds in layers. Someone can sit there and say absolutely nothing at all. Or they can chip in and ask questions as we go. It can be as interactive or as hands free as you like. I think the end result is the same though. I like to make sure people get what they are paying for, so I think it is important that they think about it in advance and make sure all their issues are covered.

Sometimes the energetic interaction is more important than the words spoken because a healing is needed, or else there is something going on which needs to be shifted. It could be less of a reading and more of a healing; but there is always customer satisfaction as the info comes through regardless.

There is a bit of mystery attached to it all really. I am always interested to hear what happens to the person in the two to three weeks afterwards. More often than not a shift has taken place which frees the person up to get on with their life.

The nuts and bolts of a reading begin with setting the scene with a bit of astrology relevant to the client’s star sign. I do not actually need this to do a reading; but it does help to put their situation in the context of current astrological trends. If I am doing a reading the person’s star sign is of curiosity value really. It gives a framework which helps set the scene, and the detailed picture then builds brick by brick.

Once I start the info flows and specific names, timings and places pop into my head. These are usually a signal to steer us to the next subject. The names and places are always accurate ie) Margaret will always be Margaret not Mary or Matilda.

As for literally hearing and seeing things? Are you trying to get me locked up?

No seriously; I choose not to major on clairaudience or clairvoyance as I would find too much ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ uncomfortable to deal with. I am primarily clairsentient which means I get the feeling ‘from the heart’. I use intuition and tune-in to what I feel the person needs to hear. This is most certainly not the same thing as what they want to hear; though thankfully it sometimes is.

4) Do you have your own cards read/fortune told? Can you predict what will happen to yourself?

I have had this done; both in the name of research and when in a crisis situation. I guess I developed my own ability by using myself as a bit of a guinea pig along the way. It has been costly and I have learned the hard way. A few years back I was given some very loaded information about my love life and my financial situation. I have to say these two predictions have put me through the wringer as they were sold to me in no uncertain terms. I am not stupid and I really trusted the information. But it just goes to show it is not a good idea to take anything for granted regarding one’s fate.

To be fair, I have to say that nothing has yet contradicted what was predicted. But the issue of timing has been way out. This is where people really do need to be careful. I personally get the client’s age at key events. This is infinitely more practical and useful than being told something that is going to happen in ‘the blink of an eye’.

Going for readings a few years back put my world into a spin and it has been very difficult to come back from the brink. I would always urge people to be very careful who they go to. There is definitely a mixed blessing in being able to read the future. I am less and less convinced that it is a blessing at all. I wouldn’t now go for a reading unless I was really cornered by something. Even then I would think twice. I prefer to trust my own intuition and the advice of two trusted friends and my father. Destiny has worked in the strangest way in my life.

Weirdly what has happened to me enables me now to help people. Destiny can be quite cute, leading us down paths we do not intend for ourselves. I have tried to step off the wheel believe me; but to no avail. This is obviously what I am meant to be doing.

5) You come from a religious background – is it possible to follow an orthodox religion and have an interest in fortune telling and horoscopes?

I figure God made the stars in the heavens above and what is good enough for the three wise men is good enough for me. The most ancient religion Zoroastrianism combined the use of astrology and strong faith, so these two aspects of spirituality have not always been at loggerheads. The Vatican has tarot symbolism strongly imprinted in its architecture and many of the French cathedrals use the astrological signs in their stained glass windows. In Medieval times the boundaries were most definitely blurred.

I do admit though that I have walked the tightrope on this one. I have really struggled with it actually. I think the term ‘Christian Mystic’ just about sums up where I am coming from.

Weird though it may sound I do not actually have a mad interest in astrology or fortune telling. These things have just proven to be introductory tools which now allow me to help people. I do not actually need either of them to come up with the information and healing that people need. These skills have enabled me to get into the media and do the writing which I love, so I can’t complain.

Astrology and fortune telling certainly catch people’s imagination and I have to say they are useful skills to have. But as for myself I can take it or leave it. I am quite detached from it all. For me these are tools which connect me up with the rest of the world and enable me to do my work.

It just goes to show that we should not judge by appearances. The image which goes with what I do couldn’t be further removed from who I actually am. I think it was Bono who said ‘in the midst of a contradiction is the place to be’. Well that is apparently where I am at, and it is an ever present challenge.

This work has strengthened my faith, not diminished it. Indeed I know for sure I would not now be still here on Terra Firma if not for the protection it has afforded me. I have at times been in danger and it is only by the Grace of God that I have been protected.

6) Some people believe that tarot cards are dangerous and belong to the dark side – how would you react to that?

I would say that in the wrong hands they could certainly be misleading and therefore dangerous. But in the right hands they can be a powerful and informative tool. At the end of the day they are just a pack of cards which the intuitive uses to tune-in to the client. It depends on what energies the person is hooked up with in truth. Is the information channeled from a high source or not; that is the question.

Tarot cards reflect our situation and it can be quite amazing what they do reveal. Really though they are a simply a tool for the reader which helps focus the mind. They are not magical, though they are beguiling. For those who experience a really accurate reading they can also be spiritually seductive. They can very easily become a hook, and a good reader can very easily become a hook.

I have no doubt that seances and ouija boards are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. If I had a teenage daughter the last thing I would want her to be doing is sitting up in her room with a pack of cards. Any dependency on this can be dangerous. Frequent readings can begin to block a person’s life flow while they await events which in truth may never happen.

I always advice clients to trust and listen to their own hunches and intuitions for this is how I believe God guides us. If we all learned to listen to the whisperings of our hearts, we would be in a better place anyway.

But of course life is not a picnic and strong guidance gleaned from a gifted intuitive can be timely, pertinent and helpful. When we are in a situation where we need help, it can in fact be better to see someone that we trust rather than to muddle through. The advice of a good reader can actually be tremendously reassuring and healing. But equally we could say ‘let go and let God’ and we would probably end up in the same place.

7) Where did your interest in reading cards and horoscopes come from – is there a history of this in your family?

NO there is most definitely not a history of this in my family. It was not tarot cards at dawn; it was church on Sunday. Having said that, my grandpa Fred would often describe my Scorpio Nan as a ‘white witch who should be burned at the stake’! Nan would get strong intuitions on random visitors and coincidentally prepare their favourite food the day before; that kind of thing.

I must have inherited my intuitive ability from my Nan I think. My Father, her son is strongly intuitive too, though as a God fearing man and medical practitioner he understandably has a natural caution about the word ‘psychic’. I reassure him that psychic just means ‘of the mind’ and that such a gift must be God given, so long as it is used responsibly and advisedly.

I suppose my own interest came from my exploration to make sense of certain life events that I had trouble coming to terms with. I guess I was looking like most people for a reassurance that things would pan out okay. I think this is actually the prime reason that people go for a reading. I was no different, though I found that my own ability developed thick and fast.

In fact a lot of things fell in to place quite quickly after I took my first Reiki attunement. I opened up further and probably began to understand certain things for the first time.

Between the ages of 9 and 11 I used to wake in the night of my half underground room and see the shimmering silhouette of a Napoleonic soldier in my room. It didn’t alarm me. It was more a case of ‘oh there he is again’. It wasn’t until I studied history at secondary school that I learned that my parent’s house is built at the site of an old Napoleonic fort.

This kind of thing doesn’t faze me. I just observe it all at one remove and do not like to sensationalize it at all

I never fully understood why I didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs at any point. I knew I wasn’t boring, but I just didn’t have a curiosity about these things, despite the numerous gigs and clubs I have attended in my time. When my healing ability became apparent this made more sense to me. A clear channel has to be; well a clear channel. Instead of indulging in toxic substances I ended up helping the bouncers at The Kitchen nightclub with their strains and sprains from the gym instead.


8) Do people generally fit their star signs – can you back this up with a generalization of three star signs and what they are typically like?

Sun sign astrology is an accurate tool which enables us to give quite detailed personality descriptions. It certainly very useful as a profiling tool and it helps put things in context too. But we are complex creatures and it is usually not enough to simply know someone’s star sign if you want to glean the full picture. When we are born all the planets are in different positions and to accurately understand someone and their impulses across the board, you really have to know the whole lot. Mars affects our sexuality and energy levels, Mercury our skills of communication, Venus our love connections, Saturn our karmic tendencies and the Moon our emotions.

The Ascendant sign most clearly describes the way people perceive you and if you want to understand first impressions you really need to find a person’s Ascendant sign. This changes every two hours through a day and is one reason why people of the same sun sign are not inevitably the same; the position of the Moon being the other.

Typical Taurus traits are Stoic, Reliable, Stubborn, Determined, Loyal, Sensual, Cautious, Methodical, Practical, Possessive, Self indulgent, Warm, Tactile, Commonsensical, Fixed, Materialistic, Astute, Patient, Systematic, Compelling, Persuasive, Focused, Willful, Persistent, Judgmental, Faithful, Permanent, Dedicated, Enduring, Inert, Immoveable, Ingrained, Predictable, Trustworthy, Passive, Steady, Tenacious, Introverted, Domesticated, Sturdy, Lazy.

Typical Scorpio Traits are: Passionate, Intense, Intuitive, Magnetic, Profound, Compulsive, Secretive, Insightful, Psychologist, Super Savvy, Canny, Obsessive, Charismatic, Hypnotic, Confident, Mysterious, Jealous, Controlling, Powerful, Charmed, Magical, Kinky, Sarcastic, Fearless, Enduring, Willful, Imposing, Cruel, Sadistic, Transformative, Suspicious, Curious, Private, Deep, Determined, Resilient, Loyal, Shrewd, Irresistible.

Typical Aquarius Traits are: Independent, Honest, Original, Inventive, Distant, Unconventional, Quirky, Eccentric, Detached, Objective, Humane, Distant, Knowledgeable, Private, Discrete, Clever, Sharp, All-Seeing, All-Knowing, Visionary, Wise, Genius, Paradoxical, Stubborn, Generous, Compassionate, Intellectual, Inscrutable, Revolutionary, Friendly, Humane, Unemotional, Gifted, Aloof, Cool, Uncanny, Maneuvering, In-Control, Timeless, Old Soul, Self Sufficient

9) If you could choose your own star sign or that of a child you might have, what star sign would that be?

Oh crikey, I really don’t think I would time conception to conjure up a child of a particular sign. Having said that once you knew the due date you would have quite a good idea of what to expect! I gather both Madonna and Posh attempted to contrive Leo daughters, but it didn’t work. I really don’t think God, Destiny or Nature work like that.

At school I brought a Zodiac Leo ring on the way home once to match my two Leo best friends Karen and Susan. Turns out being born on 26th August I was a Virgo and just missed the boat. I was mortified and most indignant. I still to this day give a fairly good impression of being Leo with the mane of hair and one astrologer couldn’t believe I wasn’t a Leo, so mission accomplished I guess.

I am okay with being Virgo though. Virgo’s are the Zodiac oracles and they also tend to have a gift for organization and writing. They are perfectionist too, so I really am my worst critic. I like having a Scorpio Moon, it enables me to zoom straight in on things and makes me spontaneous, passionate, intense and a risk taker emotionally; good traits to balance the play safe, virginal Virgo thing.

10) Which star signs work best together and which star signs should avoid each other?

Fellow Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn always connect well and have balanced, sensual, laid back relationships. The only down side is the inevitable clash of wills from time to time. When they blow they blow, but it is not long before calm descends and the Zodiac bull grazes on and the Virgo gets on with the housework. Earth signs can be pretty stubborn and like to get their own way. But, mutable, practical Virgo will more often than not adapt to the dictates of their Taurus or Capricorn partner when push comes to shove.

Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio understand each other but things can get over emotional and off balance quite quickly. These are not necessarily practical matches, but there is always an intuitive telepathy, connection and empathy. Loaded, emotive relationships which can expend a lot of energy and wear you down; but on the up side make you feel like you are really living and experiencing something. Never dull anyway.

Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius generate a lot of heat. But these signs like to hold onto their freedom and get their own way. Aries is the Zodiac kid who doesn’t inevitably mix long term with Sagittarius who hates to bend to anyone’s will. But these are great passionate connections. Loyalty is rarely an issue once the commitments are made; but it takes along time for long term agreements to find their feet. Patience is needed in the early stages. Fire signs are perhaps better off mixing with Earth to encourage a bit of stability and grounded, adult behaviour.

Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can mix and match with most signs. They generally hate disharmony and seek to maintain independence. They do things in their own way, communicate with whom they please, and generally encourage loved ones to do the same. These are not obviously romantic signs, so the likes of Pisces might feel shortchanged and Earth signs may find there is not enough of a sensual hands-on action. These signs can be kooky and you need to understand the language of love of your Air sign or you could take offense quite quickly. They do not do things by the book.

Aries and Pisces can be a challenging mix, as can Sagittarius and Scorpio. They do say that adjacent signs have an understanding of each other. But it could be a case of not sufficiently different, so things get stale and fraught more easily.

Aries and Taurus have longevity having said that. The likes of Bono and Ali, Posh and Becks have the staying power so long as they are not confined to 24/7 scenarios. An independent streak is needed if you are in a relationship with an adjacent zodiac sign.

They say that opposites attract and this is true in the zodiac where polar opposite signs are often drawn together in quite a magnetic way. Soul mates are often opposite signs or there are string components in their charts demonstrating the attraction of opposites.

Then of course there are the same sign relationships, which have a habit of becoming familial quite quickly; more a case of brother and sister or sibling than lover and partner. I think the most bizarre would be Taurus female with Sagittarius male; though if it works, don’t knock it.

11) How significant is the moon on our moods – do the mad really get madder when the moon is full?

In Astrology, the Moon governs our moods, and I guess you could say there is such a thing as moon madness alright. Women and Cancerians are generally in tune with the moon’s cycles, whether they are aware of it or not. It is very common for women who live or work together to have in sync menstrual cycles. Few people will disagree that there is a tangible atmosphere when the moon is full. Even those who don’t pay astrology much heed are usually aware of it. When I worked as hostess at The Kitchen nightclub Full Moon nights were always eventful and fun packed with madness (for all the wrong reasons).

The Moon’s cycles can be a useful tool for different processes. The New Moon carries the energy of a fresh start and the waxing moon is good for creative projects and expansive processes. Don’t begin a diet on a waxing moon; begin it after the full moon as the moon begins to wane. The Waning Moon facilitates any letting go process we have to undergo. So if relationship issues have gone a bit haywire with the mad Full Moon, these can be dealt with as the Moon wanes. Often a relationship will disintegrate on a waning moon if that is the way it has been heading. As the Moon grows full its energy helps us to meet deadlines and put good energy into what needs attention.

The position of the Moon moves every 2 to 3 nights through the signs and it can be quite handy to know the placing of the Moon if you feel in tune with its movements. Cancerians in particular would benefit from knowing more about the daily movements of their ruling planet. For example a Leo New Moon is a good time to seal a financial deal and put a new structure on things, whereas a full Capricorn Moon will surely bring things to a head on the relationship front.

The cycles of the Moon through the calendar month is sometimes underestimated. I always feel it is very significant and worth keeping an eye on. It is good to know your moon sign for this can bring a great understanding of your emotional responses in all possible situations.

Never mind the madness; it pays to be Moon smart and savvy.

12) I know you do readings over the phone – how can you connect with a person doing this and how do you go about it?

I do offer this service on my landline by appointment. I always explain to a prospective client that there is actually no need to travel to see me. The information is exactly the same and I can tune-in just as well on the phone.

I actually do not understand completely how it is possible, except to say that it is a pretty good demonstration that psychic ability really does exist. I guess I now have enough experience and confidence to offer this service and to know that the information comes through and the healing takes place, even though I am not physically there.

That shows me too, that it is not actually me doing most of the work anyway. I guess we are back to the mystery of what happens with a healing or a reading. Something otherworldly seems to occur and I have heard clients describe a tingling whilst talking things through. That would be both on the phone and face to face.

When I first had a healing practice I used to do both healings and readings; but very quickly found that the two were interchangeable. I now know that the healing takes place and that I do not have to do a hands-on formal healing for the client.

I have been told that I heal through the tone of my voice, which I would take with a pinch of salt. But that is not to say it couldn’t be happening like that. I do believe anything is possible and that God performs miracles as and when he pleases, by whatever means. I take absolutely NO credit for it.

13) Would you be an advocate of the psychic phone lines where by people ring in premium rate numbers to have their fortunes told?

Not really though I guess they can be a quick fix when you’re in a bind. I have used them myself in the past and found them very unsatisfactory. However I had a good experience with one reader who helped me extensively last year when I was in a very difficult situation. I am extremely grateful to her. It just goes to show that we can be guided in the strangest ways just when we need it.

In general, though the service is fairly random and you do not know who you are going to get. Although I am sure they have some very good readers, I also know that some are not great. Having said that you can time how long you are on and you don’t have to pay for a full reading.

Premium lines are expensive and the minutes rack up quickly. I have heard of a good number of people who have had some pretty hideous phone bills from these companies. I really think they are not a good idea for people who are extremely vulnerable. They may end up with not much help at all and a very big bill. Such people need genuine help not more pressure.

I could have set up such a company and made a lot of money; but I did not want to be held responsible for what others may be telling members of the public. I could not justify it. I would rather trust the information I get and arrange a landline appointment with someone who really needs it.

14) Are you in a relationship at the moment – if so can you tell me a little bit about your partner – if not would you be looking for a specific candidate in terms of star sign etc.

Oh my God, it’s the last question you should ask a guy; I can’t think of anything more naff! The subject generally bores men rigid (except when they need help) but there is no getting away from it unfortunately.

I would always trust my intuition in love. Anyhow, chemistry is all you need when you’re making a connection. If the astrology backs it up down the road so be it. But I would trust my hormones, not his star sign when push comes to shove.

As for my relationship stuff; I’ll have to keep that secret.

15) Are people more interested in having their fortunes told now that there is such economic doom and gloom about – are they looking for a life of sorts?

I am not sure really. I feel people are only prompted to enquire about a reading when they really need one. It is a steady phenomenon which ebbs and flows. I am looked after too in this and I generally do not get enquiries when I am up to my eyes with something. It is pure trust on all fronts. I just have to listen to what is being asked of me and say YES to requests when they come in.

Going into a new year more people make enquiries I would say. But I do not think I noticed an unusual increase this year because of the recession. People usually enquire when they want insight on relationship issues. The recession really has nothing to do with that, so I do not expect a change; either an upsurge or a decline. It happens when it happens, recession or not.

I find that clients are guided to the right reader for them; perhaps one on their wave length, or someone who is able to help with their unique problem. I think we are all looked after in this respect.

I think it would be insulting to assume people who go for readings need to ‘get a life’. There is bound to be some soul searching involved. But generally I don’t think people make the choice lightly. Clients are adults making an informed choice whether or not to access a professional service. It is no different from deciding whether to get your nails done or go to the dentist (well there’s a stretch).

I don’t think I have ever done a reading for someone who is simply looking for me to cheer them up and give them a pep talk. People are not stupid; they know when they are hearing the truth. But the truth is their unconscious contains all the answers that they need anyway. We all have the means to access the truth within. An intuitive simply accesses what is there already and reflects it back, hopefully empowering the client to go on and do the same…for the rest of their lives.

Of course we want good news during this time of recession; but I can not conjure up good news out of nothing. I believe we all have to take responsibility for our lives; whatever a psychic might advise. I always recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne to people. But the problem is with all this talk of recession, we are all creating the opposite problem; The Secret in reverse if you like.

6) What do you think happens to us after we die? Do you believe in reincarnation if so do you have any idea of what you may have been before – do you believe that the same people are drawn to each other in different lives – if so why?

I strongly believe that life goes on. People who have passed on certainly leave residue energy around for quite some time, and of course they live on in the hearts of loved ones.
Whether they come back again for more is their spiritual choice. There are many people around now who are working through loaded karmas in a bid not to come back to the earth plane again thank you very much. I think I might be one of them!

I personally do not think there has to be a contradiction between Christian faith and a belief in reincarnation. I am still trying to work this one out and I am sure Christian and Buddhist philosophers have yet to reconcile the two. I believe it can be done. The disciples asked Christ if he was Elijah reincarnated, so they obviously thought it was possible.

I was told by someone quite respected in this field that my name had always been Sarah, and that I was something to do with the Holy Grail blood line. Mm! This was apparently meant to explain the pressure I was under regarding my public work, personal life and all its accompanying tests of faith. To me it sounded like loopy talk; but you never know.

I sit loose to all that as I think it could drive you mad and give you airs of grandeur if you gave it too much thought. I believe in NOW and think it is important that we focus on our present lives. Giving the past too much though can be distracting and detrimental.

My friend who is big into Karmic Astrology has pin-pointed links in my natal chart to Botticelli, the Pre Raphaelites, Nostradamus, Biblical times, Tudor times and The Cathars.

I can certainly take on board the Tudor life time as I was fascinated by the Tudors at school. It was an obsession which took on new meaning when I had a hideous and inexplicable panic attack in Hampton Court aged 11 (not a word to Jonathan Rhys Meyers). I didn’t know what it was all about, but I just had to get out QUICK. My parents were not amused, but my intuitive Nan understood and came to sit with me on the banks of The Thames while they traipsed around the hell hole in an unnatural heat.

A life time which a well respected healer encouraged me to deal with was a Cathar life time. I apparently escaped the horrors of Montseigeur leaving behind my father, husband and son to die in the flames. The man I loved and who loved me was in an arranged marriage living locally. He was a prominent Prince famous in the region who could do nothing to break free from convention and his material circumstances, despite the passion between us. Allegedly I was one of the four survivors of the Cathar persecutions who had to rescue the Book of Secrets. I fled to Paris and set up as a healer for a couple of years before succumbing to incredible loneliness. Apparently I hung myself out of sadness; despite being herbalist of some repute.

Weirdly I can take some of this on board. It has had some uncanny echoes in my life since I came to Dublin. Also it always puzzled me that despite struggling with A’ level French at school, I came back fluent from Paris after a 5 day trip just in time to get a reasonable grade in the summer. Maybe something unblocked within me; all I know is my French teacher was incredulous.

Labyrinth, Da Vinci Code and Daughters of The Grail are all books I feel a strong resonance with; so you never know….

I just think you have to sit loose to Past life stuff....we really should be thinking about NOW!

17) How do you see this recession panning out? Why do you think it came about?

Well it would be silly to deny that the recession is happening; though I have certainly been trying to give it no energy whatsoever. I really believe we can create negative situations for ourselves with the wrong mind set. The media has compounded the problem too. There is no doubt there is something going on; but I believe it ultimately gives us the opportunity to get back on track. The toxicity of our lives needs to be cleansed at deep levels. This is what the universe is doing with the economy and in our banking system in particular. What goes around comes around….

What is happening is of course tragic and many lives will be affected. But there is an important cleansing going on and this time gives us a chance to ditch what is no longer good for us. Businesses will fail, and people will lose their jobs; but I think that many will sense that a change is long overdue.

There is a blessing in every challenge I believe. People now have an opportunity to rethink their lives and focus on what is really right for them going forward. Rather than staying in an unfulfilling situation or dead end job, there is an opportunity to simplify life and go back to what is important. We do all need to arm ourselves with The Secret!

The transition phase we are all in is uncomfortable, there is no denying that. In fact it will probably look as if 2009 belongs to U2 and the Irish Rugby Team alone. A cheery thought.

I am a great believer in looking for the silver lining in the cloud which looms over head. You want the good news? It won’t last as long as we all think. By June there will be signs of a recovery, and once Saturn moves into Libra in November, banks, businesses and legal institutions will begin to establish the new patterns and structures which will serve us well in the future. It is best to take the long term view and trust that things will pan out; because they most definitely will.

If we can look on this phase as a time when the old and out-worn falls away, we can begin to put things in perspective. It is pointless holding onto the past, so as a nation we must release the Celtic Tiger from our psyche. Even more importantly we must release the word ‘recession’ from our psyche. Let it be the word that no one dares to utter! For as long as we bang on about it, be assured we are perpetuating the problem.

I would suggest we get on with the next thing, keep our heads down and enjoy the blessings in our daily lives. That way we will all be okay….

18) Can you tell me about any predictions you ever made?

Well I can be a useful friend and family member, except more often than not people don’t listen until after the event. Folk are seriously independent and defensive when it comes to predictions. You really can’t force them on people unless you are asked, and even then more often than not you won’t be thanked. It is an odd position to be in.

I have only freaked myself out once with a prediction, as it has become so normal to me to get a sense of things in advance. I was called onto the Tony Fenton Show shortly after the predicting the full line up of the Irish popstars band SIX. I was sitting at home in my work room and after our interview, he jokingly asked me to tell him what record he was going to play. I said, U2’s Beautiful Day! Apparently Tony just about fell off his seat, as there was no way I could possibly have known that. I freaked myself out a bit with that one as I had never listened to the Tony Fenton show before and had no clue about his play list or anything.

The SIX prediction caught people’s imagination in Ireland. I had put six names in an envelope in October 2001 having briefly met and read for the final 32 contestants of the show. I knew Louis Walsh was sold on Nadine Coyle, he made that abundantly clear; but she wasn’t in my envelope. The band was decided on in early 2002 and the envelope was opened by Louis on camera (probably after the production team had checked it).

As we are all aware Nadine was too young to be in SIX and she was unceremoniously removed from the show. Some people thought it was all a set up for the cameras, but I can assure you it was not. The production team was really disappointed Nadine was not of age. Anyhow Nadine’s replacement Sarah Keating was the sixth name Louis called out from the envelope which was really affirming for Sarah as she had felt a bit awkward being called in at last minute.

Also around this time I just missed out on a Lotto jackpot of one and a half million. I had been doing a particular set of numbers for a fortnight with a strong belief they were going to hit. What happened was that on the day they hit, I was running to meet my ex in a café and didn’t do the draw for that night. There you go, it wasn’t meant to be.

And the moral of the story is? Never dash to meet an ex!

19) You have a lot of academic qualifications – a BA in honours English, and MSC in modernism and postmodernism and an M Phil in Publishing. You are currently studying for a PHD in UCD, isn’t it strange to have someone interested in academia and the supernatural?

I wouldn’t say so. I am not a skeptic about the supernatural. I believe it is there, but I don’t cause a big fuss about it either. Because of my faith I would say I have a healthy respect for it. I am quite matter of fact about it too. It certainly doesn’t prevent academic thinking and writing In fact when I was pushed for time I was able to tune-in to the content of a book and write an essay without reading it too thoroughly. Now, there’s a confession!

I am not overly curious about ‘things that go bump in the night’, despite having a Scorpio Moon. A lot of that I find very sensationalist and a real turn off to be honest; it has a very unfortunate vibe and energy attached to it. I think those ‘Haunted Live’ programmes are awful. To me the supernatural is just an unseen extension of our reality that we can choose to acknowledge or not. I like programmes like Charmed and Angel though. They as they have more of an edge. I certainly don’t think I have an abnormal interest in all things spooky. I hate spooky movies unless they are really well done like Nosferatu or Sixth Sense.

As you say I still have a PhD to finish independently. My tutor Gerry Hanratty from the philosophy Department at UCD died suddenly a while back and I have pledged to him that I will get the damn thing done. I have done enough study to be able to finish it under my own steam and I presume he can still inspire me from wherever he is. The first ever channeled PHD perhaps?

In a way, the public work I have been doing in the interim is a kind of research. I am trying to find an academic way to explain psychic ability in Jungian terms; using the Tree of Life as a symbol to demonstrate the spiritual aspect of our psyche.

20) How do you react to your skeptics?

I guess being able to read on the phone is one in the eye for the Skeptics who believe that all psychics are frauds who cold-read their clients. How can you possibly cold-read down the phone? Of course I never cold-read and do not really understand what they mean by it. To me cold reading would be difficult; I just do what comes naturally which is simply to tune-in and relay what I get.

I have had several quite public run-ins with skeptics and have grown to love them. I just call them ‘the Septics’ and hope for the best. I have nothing against them though I do find them frustratingly closed-minded and extremely pragmatic to the point of being ridiculous.

If you google my name you will find all sorts of shenanigans between me and the Skeptics. They got particularly upset with me when I did a Lotto prediction on line for them which hit on the specified draw 20 minutes later. The summer that Madeleine Mc Cann went missing I predicted that 9, 11 and 19 would come up on the Irish 49’s draw in the bookies at 12.30pm. These numbers hit at 12.50.

I was trying to help find her and ran into all sorts of criticism for doing so. This I can understand because it would not be my normal way of doing things. I went onto the SKY forum to put up details of where I felt she might be because I felt someone who could help would get in touch. Sure enough an ex police officer from northern England went out there following the clues and description I had given and seemed to find something of import. It just goes to show the nature of the case really. We reported what was found and have reason to believe the place was not searched (the place which matched my description was not far from the site of the Dutch Tip off near Oxidiere).

I had another public run in with the skeptics on the Marianne Finucane Show in 2003. They were indignant about my claim that I could get at least 3 and 4 numbers out of 5 in every draw in the 49’s draw.

At the time I was trying to win 125, 000k on a one euro bet in the bookies. I really was regularly getting one and two numbers short of the five on nearly every draw. I gave up in the end as it began to feel like a bit of a game the universe was playing with me.

The Skeptics challenged me to prove this under their test conditions and I’m afraid I took umbrage and thought ‘why should I’?

People may have heard of Rhandi’s Million Dollar Challenge to the first psychic who can prove their ability under agreed test conditions. A TV company was interested in doing a documentary on the subject; but we found Rhandi very evasive and elusive (well he is a magician!). I was willing to go for it this time, but Rhandi knew about my run in with the Irish Skeptics and hid behind it. He knew I was not willing to work with them on principle.

His conditions were that a psychic must be provisionally tested in their own country first, so as not to waste his time. I gather no one ever got through to the second phase of his challenge ie) he has never actually tested anybody. It became obvious to me that the Million Dollar Challenge is nothing more than a good bit of PR for his institute! Rhandi has NO intention of parting with that money….

21) If you weren’t involved in this career – what do you think you might be doing?

God only knows. I did get a place at Cambridge University to train as a teacher after my first degree; but chose to stay in Scotland as I had grown to love Edinburgh and my life there. I always thought I would be an eternal student and then a writer. In a way, despite the alternative route I have taken, this is actually what has happened.

A couple of London publishers have expressed an interest in my autobiography. The publisher of ‘angels in my hair’ was keen about my story; but they do not want to take on anything too similar to Lorna Byrne’s book just yet.

I also have a four book deal in place with Poolbeg, so could in theory write a best seller tomorrow and things could take off in an entirely different direction. I doubt that is what is going to happen; but you never know. It is not completely impossible.

As a 17 year old I always knew I would be published. I guess I have just taken rather an odd route to fulfill this prediction.

In fact there were 3 things I knew when I was 17 and they have all come about. The second was that I would at some point work for U2 in some capacity and the third is private; but it has happened.

22) Anything else you would like to add?

Yes ….go out and buy The Secret by Rhonda Bryne if you haven’t already. We can turn this recession thing around yet…

Monday, May 18, 2009

What Recession Blues?

Dear Sarah

I am really worried. I have been on a back-to-work scheme which ends in the summer and I have been told that I won;t be eligible to sign on. My work has not yet taken off and I am worried I will be left homeless and destitute


PLease do not worry. You really ARE expending alot of unnecessary negative energy on your situation. I would suggest you put focus and constructive creativity into expanding the business you have already set up.

I know the nature of your business and it is something that we DO all still need, even whilst in the throws of this recession. Rather than ruminate, why not make efforts to build your contacts and client list?

If the worst comes to the worst, you are of course entitled to State support. But in all honesty, I do not pick up that you are going to need this.

The Universe gave you the opportunity to set up your own business through the very positive back-to-work scheme. I think you should honour that and not expect to be left penniless and destitute

I know you have not been lazy about your situation and I do realise how you can get down when times are so uncertain. But the reality it many of us are falling foul of a lot of negativity at the moment. I have made the point before; negative thinking really does attract MORE of the same. It is never more important than now to be POSITIVE.

Like attracts like and if we put out a negative vibe, we will like a magnet generate more difficulty and stress. We all need to be DISCIPLINED and focused about remaining positive. This DOES work and it will give a chance to rise above the Doom and Gloom expectation we all bought into (pardon the double entendre).

The Doom and Gloom talk has proven to be very EXPENSIVE. It obvioulsy does absolutely NOTHING to remedy things in the long term. Not even in the short term is it good to indulge in letting off steam in this way.

At the moment I would strongly recommend that people don't even open their mouths unless it is to be positive.

Again I will recommend the prinicples of The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

Why don't you also Google Cosmic Ordering and find out more about it on line? It is a Universal law and principle that really DOES work, whether you have faith or not. Obviously though the law of attraction requires you to at least be positive to give it half a chance

There is no doubt that astrologically speaking we have been challenged. Mercury is currently Retrograde which means we must be careful what we sign up for. But this week Saturn moves forward in Virgo, which will unblock a whole lot of stuff, in a GOOD way. Any delays and stress you have (all) been feeling will slowly but surely disipate through the summer.

Yes , patience is needed. BUT I strongly believe that we are at the point of an energetic UP turn.....this will then in time lead to an UP turn in the economy.

Do NOT listen to the doom mongers who make a name for themselves by buying into the negative talk. Listen to the economists who predict the rooting of Green Shoots in our economy instead...

I have to say all the negative talk and restrictive vision has been depressing indeed. The good news is, we really do NOT need to hold that thought. Okay with Saturn still in Virgo until November we are bound to experience a reality check or two. But this can be ultimately productive rather than detrimental.

Saturn in Virgo enables us to bring new and positive structures into play. The old and time-worn can now disintegrate and fade away whilst new and vibrant options have the chance to become established. Yes, we are experiencing the legacy of The Celtic Tiger which appears to have made a swift exit left, hand in hand with our charismatic leader Bertie Ahern. But, to be honest, it is probably about time the merchant bankers took the rap for the mess the economy has gotten into. Yet even the big wigs will cease to panic as signs of an upturn pop up, much quicker than the experts expect…

The recession has become a monster in our heads and we are undoubtedly making things a lot worse than they have to be. Our thirst for drama and a good old moan has transmogrified in a destructive way and the recession is now an ingrained imprint on the public psyche. We are all buying into it and the air of doom and gloom is difficult to assuage.

On the up side, I really do NOT think it is going to be a long term crisis. People are remembering the dip the economy took in the eighties when a major recession became a lethargic slump. I believe that the downward spiral will be halted in the nick of time. This won’t happen again.

Okay toxic debts and scenarios in the banking system have to be dealt with; but this can only be a good thing. It will actually benefit individuals as they get sorted and it will benefit financial institutions as they scale things down and restructure the system. This is ultimately a healthy process which will benefit us all and what is more it will not take as long to sort out as people assume.

The good news is that through the summer months the first time buyer market will begin to pick up and our economy will start to show very positive signs of recovery. The key to the turnaround lies in shops discounting goods which encourage us to keep spending plus shifts in the property sector. Yes some people are getting into difficulty re negative equity and arrears on mortgage repayments; but measures will be put in place to retrieve things and the boost to the market will take people back to where they started in the next two to three years.

What is happening could actually prove to be a blessing in disguise. It is very important to keep the faith, even in the midst of adverse personal circumstances. Remember the law of return means that we should be grateful for what we DO have.

Even diminished circumstances can prove to be a gift if we keep our spirits bright. I certainly would not buy into the negative expectation of an economic crash.

Sooner than we think there will be signs of an upturn. Until then, this is a lesson in circumspection and responsibility for all of us.

Hang in there; its all good.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus


MEN: Men with strong Aries energy are spontaneous and exciting. These are the ambitious, uncompromising Alpha males of the Zodiac. Assertive, and focused, Aries man does not take no for an answer. This chap is driven by his passions and is well able to segregate physical activity from emotional engagement, if you get my drift! Ruled by Mars, Aries man is dynamic and energetic between the sheets; but empathy is NOT his strong point. You may not get wined and dined ad infinitum, though you will get a good seeing to, if you pardon the expression. Not the most refined sensibility, this man IS capable of curbing his desires in order to learn some finesse. But this only happens when he has fallen deeply in love. Apart from that, this guy is hormonally driven and is quite happy to undertake a new connection based solely on a person’s appearance.

WOMEN: This feisty lady needs no seducing. Aries female is fully in touch with her carnal desires and needs very little coaxing to get busy between the sheets. This little lady suits herself and she is not likely to suppress her hormonal responses once she has set her sights on you. Even if she is spoken for, she is quite capable of the odd liaison along the way. I’m not saying she inevitably WILL; but she sure as hell MIGHT if the fancy takes her. This woman is very masculine and dynamic with her love making. Not afraid to take the lead, Aries woman is as good at the love ’em and leave ’em game as the next man. With strong sexual drives as her defining quality, Aries woman is not big on emotional drama. She is independent and does not need too much input. Some men may mistrust this and find their hearts’ challenged in the face of such self-sufficiency. Hurts doesn’t it!


MEN: Taurus man is a supremely gorgeous lover who will seduce you in subtle ways. But be warned! The Zodiac Bull is a flirt, who will invariably test the water with many of the females in his domain. Taurus man is intrinsically loyal and hates to risk his comfort zone. But, he is not beyond indulging those sensual desires if he feels he can get away with it. If Taurus is not free to act, he is likely to leave you dangling, having fired up your hormones to a torturous level. Taurus is useless at failure and rejection and is likely to play the field in these circumstances. But keep him satiated with lots of sex, intimacy and understanding, and the Zodiac Bull is loyal, fully relishing the Status Quo you provide. Taurus man is a passive creature who likes a dominant, independent mate. He is not particularly predatory, but boy, will he respond if you make the moves. Well, may be!

WOMEN: Taurus woman doesn’t ask for much; she wants it all! Wit, charm, sexual prowess, personality and a mischievous boyish outlook are all part of the package she requires. Think, you are in the running? Well to woo this little minx, you must also have a huge wad and be more than happy to indulge her every whim. She loves to leave you hanging on, and will play a merry devious game which leaves you eternally wrapped around that doll-like finger. Ms Taurus IS the marrying kind, but she also likes the bohemian groove until she has the man of her dreams finally pinned down. She will NOT marry for the sake of it. This female requires loyalty and devotion without the boredom factor. Watch for the little girl coquettishness and the public displays of affection which are extremely manipulative, however beguiling. She casts her spell with girlish charm.


MEN: Gemini male is a smoothie who loves to dip his finger in as many pies as possible. He is what he is; which is not the most trustworthy dude on the planet. But you are bound to forgive him most things, as he is as loveable and cute as they come. Turn a blind eye and enjoy the good stuff, for Gemini man is witty, entertaining and a bundle of laughs. Okay, he is easily distracted, somewhat two-faced, and masterful at covering his tracks. It’s all true. BUT the upside is you get to spend time with a cultured, refined, intelligent individual who loves to talk and bounce ideas around; amongst other things! Close to his family and friends, the Gemini fella does have a loyal streak and he does not mess with his deepest emotions. It’s just that he loves sex and can segregate his feelings into interchangeable compartments. His heart is a mansion with many rooms, you might say.

WOMEN: Gemini female is a funny mixture. She loves her independence and privacy, but she does have a vulnerable streak and likes to role-play Little-Girl-Lost, when the situation requires it. You will doubtless enjoy rescuing her from whatever it is that plays upon her mind; for she is beguiling, playful and childlike on a good day. Just steer clear when the thunder clouds are a-forming, and be prepared for the odd bit of nifty deception when she is trying to get ahead. The Gemini chick is competitive and likes to excel in her chosen field. But this prowess, luckily for you, extends to the bedroom. You can expect hours of fun, so long as you don’t become boring and predictable. If Gemini woman does demand one thing; it’s a vivid imagination between the sheets. She is dangerous in manipulative mode, but strangely innocent as she indulges her desires. Enjoy…


MEN: The Cancer male is a great believer in taking things easy. It’s anything for the quiet life, as far as he’s concerned. The Zodiac Crab can be quite indirect and understated, even a little cold. Not the best communicator in the world, this fella expects you to read his mind in the same way he can read yours. Very self protective and cagey about his deepest feelings, he can be quite moody and petulant. He is also good at ducking and diving and knows how to keep you guessing. Plagued with insecurities and anxiety, he can still be pushy when he has to be. If a person or circumstance has served its purpose he can be quite ruthless at shutting down and moving on. When committed though the scuttling Crab can be coaxed into nurturing and caring. Deep and emotional, this man tends to spend too much time analyzing how HE is doing. What about you?

WOMEN: This woman is sensitive and protective with her displays of affection. Those she loves get her undivided attention; but her intensity can at times be overwhelming. Inclined to be temperamental, the female Crab can snap at the silliest things. Too often she goes ‘off on one’ for no good reason. This sensitive lady needs an outlet for her complex emotions; if you know what I mean. Get busy between the sheets and most things can be readily forgiven. Remember, her shyness is surprising and she gets insecure about the strangest things. But intimacy is important to her well being; as is sharing and caring in a close knit environment. She really is very unlikely to stray as family life suits her, providing ample opportunity for the connections she craves. When things are running smoothly this lady gives unconditionally; but she can be turned off by other’s demands.


MEN: The Zodiac Lion is a dramatic and flamboyant lover. No one would dismiss this beast as a wallflower that’s for sure. Definitely inclined towards dramatic gestures, the regal male is madly colourful and good fun to be with. This man’s creativity is enviable and he has good energy reserves for the things which grab his imagination. Let’s hope one of them is YOU! Remember, routine stuff bores the pants off him; but he does have a lazy streak which allows him to snooze off at the drop of a hat when there is nothing better to do. Keep him stimulated and interested and the loving will intensify. Give up too readily, and he will go out on the prowl to peruse his domain. The Lion will not be seduced for the sake of it; yet of course he manages to be intrinsically charming when he says no. But his need to be adored is a key aspect of his sexual drive and general prowess.

WOMEN: The Zodiac Lioness is loyal and generous hearted. Attentive and kind, she loves to dominate her terrain and takes tremendous pride in her brood. But she can also be quite controlling and in-your-face with her gestures. The Leo female is the proverbial Drama Queen, and her emotions are bizarrely and entertainingly over the top when she becomes unbalanced. However when she is fully appreciated, this does not really happen. Just watch out for the claws if you ever take her for granted. Her temper tantrums are legendary, and she can be quite childlike when she does not get her own way. If she’s going to stray, this would be the time, so it kind of pays to keep her happy. Indulge her and she will repay you with more loving than you know what to do with. Scary really! On the plus side, this female is wonderfully engaging and magically open hearted.


MEN: The Virgo man is usually low-key, modest, dutiful, and possibly a bit ‘mousy’ on first impressions. But don’t be fooled, this earthy sign warms up eventually and there are few who could beat him for over all performance. This man makes his voice and presence felt in subtle ways and he is intrinsically loyal. He really IS worth your time and attention if you are looking for lasting love, fun and commitment. But watch out for his systematic, methodical streak, as he works his way into hearts and minds. He does have a controlling streak and of course that tendency to worry too much can be a bit of a pain. The Virgo man is incredibly picky and perfectionist. Likely to be critical of himself and others he does not believe in making things easy. On the plus side, casual links and superficial people are just not his style. What you see is what you get with this reliable fella.

WOMEN: This female is loyal, kind and modest; but a stickler for perfection. Her standards are high and she finds it difficult to be demonstrative when something doesn’t feel right. The Zodiac Goddess shows her love and affection in practical ways. Even her tidiness and organization indicate her level of involvement. When she is wholeheartedly up-for-it, she is the chirpiest homemaker in the kingdom. But this lady has a cool analytical side and can express herself dispassionately. She may come across as aloof and fussy to those who don’t know her very well. Virgo woman seeks perfection and sometimes gets held back by her need to have everything ‘just so’. But she is unlikely to stray even if things get dire. Not great at revenge, you will probably be forgiven if you are unfaithful to her. Remember though, she will be tortured by it and will never forget.


MEN: Libra Man is romantic, full of good will and happy thoughts. Well, in theory! In love-with-love, Libra will make uninformed choices until they hook up with their Soul Mate. A sucker for candle lit dinners and romantic gestures; this male is easily seduced by traditional expressions of feeling. It takes him a while to realize that sentimentality and a bunch of roses do not equate to undying love. When the situation gets serious, the harmonious Libran ups his game and pursues hard evidence of his chosen amour’s staying power before he fully commits. In typical Libra style, he is sometimes assertive; sometimes shy; blowing hot and cold, often to your eternal frustration if you have already fallen for him. Yes, his dithering can indeed be quite exasperating, and even when he is committed, you will have to remember that he will flirt for Ireland whenever possible.

WOMEN: Libra Female is idealistic, dreamy and good calming company. She expects a lot from her relationships. But she can also be refreshingly lighthearted and even flippant. She expresses her affections sometimes extravagantly, sometimes hesitantly and her varied responses reflect typical Libran dithering. Unlikely to stray once she has fallen in love, this Zodiac female is reliable and unusually beautiful. Others may try to seduce her and you may feel insecure when she is out and about. But rest assured; this little lady does not look elsewhere so long as she is not stifled or pushed into a corner by YOU! Okay, that wicked sense of humour and natural charisma attracts all sorts of people. It’s just the way she is and you will have to appreciate this sociable aspect of her nature if you are going to keep her happy and buoyant. She hates conflict and will walk not talk.


MEN: This passionate Zodiac Sign is surprisingly reticent about casual connections. The one-night-stand circuit is not the first choice of behaviour for the Scorpion. Of course this is a habit that is easy to fall into if there is an underlying fear of being hurt by love which there often is. But contrary to most Zodiac Scorpio myths, this man does not tumble into bed at the drop of a proverbial hat. Intense and deep, commitment is important to Scorpio male. One thing is for sure, this man does not believe in half measures with the love stuff. When committed to a course of action, which hopefully involves YOU, this man will follow through to the MAX. If you are unsure of his advances, watch his brooding eyes for clues. The truth is in there if you care to see it. This man certainly IS a catch with great energy levels and spectacular powers of endurance. Passionate responses come easy

WOMEN: This HOT Zodiac female is compulsive and passionate, which is great for intense connections. Yes, she may be likely to stray if the notion takes her. But there is NO point getting het up about it. You may pick up the vibes and be completely wrong, so if you love a Scorpio female, give her lots of space. She is much more likely then to wonder what YOU are up to, which will keep her on the straight and narrow like nothing else. Be aware that her mystery, privacy and charisma are all part of her allure. If you breathe down her neck in a less than seductive way she may turn against you, becoming overly suspicious and a tad obsessive. Her great gifts of passion and intensity can also be a burden. You will have to be a self contained, self assured and charismatic fella to attract and keep this lovely lady. She quickly casts a spell that will keep you hooked. Enjoy!


MEN: Sagittarius male is straightforward and adventurous. If you are up for an experience that will tickle your fancy, do hook up with a Sagittarian. Yes, they are hyper, busy and sporty, and you will sometimes wonder where you fit in. But apart from that, you are signed up for a rollercoaster ride with never a dull moment. If you enjoy peace and quiet; don’t bother. But if you like to be entertained, and never bored; go right ahead. This fiery soul is idealistic in his quest for true love. He is a born optimist who in this life has embarked on a continual quest to improve his lot. Sagittarius male is a restless spirit who keeps up the pressure, even when he has already got quite a good deal. Yes, the grass is always greener and he loves to spend time with the lads. Here is a free spirit who will experiment ad infinitum with a whole range of connections; like it or not!

WOMEN: The Sagittarian female is open with her affections and somewhat idealistic too. When she feels love, the whole world invariably hears about it. This is fine if you like the object of your affections to make a fuss; but not so good if you are the discrete, private type. This female wears her heart on her sleeve and she can be quite easily led, which is great if you want to seduce her; but may unnerve you if you want to keep a hold of her. A firm, loving approach should do the trick and a busy schedule too (for her). Be strong and self-contained to keep her interest. Apart from that, precious little dampens her lively spirit, which is great for intimate shenanigans, but not the best if you need a night’s kip. It takes a lot to get this lady riled; and even then she is one of the most forgiving souls on the planet. She’s difficult to pin down, but hours of endless fun.


MEN: This fella is an earthy, matter of fact soul, who can also be quite calculating. If you are with him, you need to guard your interests and keep your boundaries in check. One night stands are anathema to this man, so that is a comfort. But the down side is you won’t often get a let-up from his intensity and need to control things. Can you handle it? Of course love covers a multitude of sins, and you can have full confidence in your relationship if you have adjusted through the tricky times. Once the deeper levels of love have kicked in, this man is full of romance, love and tolerance too; a great mixture for the archetypal family man, really. The Capricorn male is quite a traditionalist even before commitment sets in. But as a singleton he is not beyond the quick fling. Still, he makes his selection carefully, and then usually ends up marrying her anyway!

WOMEN: This woman is faithful and dutiful with her affections; but her relationships can be somewhat boring and sanitized. Meticulous about doing things the right way; she is prone to creating a joyless, edgy atmosphere, unwittingly. In trying to do things right this lady is in danger of losing her spontaneity and sense of humour. Loved ones potentially feel stifled, so be warned if you start to feel like you always have to be on your best behaviour. This earthy lady takes relationships seriously, which is commendable. But whilst she is sensual, faithful and down to earth, she is also rather exacting too. Her natural reserve may come across as snobbish. But she is not dull and you will quickly know you can trust her with your life, heart and just about everything else too. Be patient with her when you first meet. She needs time to warm up and trust you.

AQUARIUS:MEN: This man is unique. Eccentric and a law unto himself, he makes it all up as he goes along. What is expected, be damned! Aquarian man does things as he wishes, or not at all. If you are involved with him, be aware that he can be controlling. Any one who dares to influence him adversely gets short shrift. On the up side this man is a real catch as he has a strong altruistic streak. He does not tolerate idiots; but he is wise, with a knowing air. His caring gestures are from the heart. In the boudoir he is imaginative and free spirited too. Anything goes and lovers are invariably in for a treat. Fresh approaches and unusual ideas turn him on, and he can cope with most forms of weirdness. This man is a good mix as he is loyal too; until he gets bored. Brush up on your intellect and knowledge to keep him hooked and things will flow in a longstanding, blissful way.

WOMEN: This lady is affectionate but unconventional and experimental. She can be a little kooky and odd and her fashion sense is certainly individual. But she is interesting and humourful. Little fazes her and she is offended by precious little. As long as she is free to express her feelings she is easily pleased. Privacy is crucial to her equilibrium; but she is also sociable and lively of wit and mind. Don’t expect an easy ride with this Zodiac Queen. You have met your match in her that IS for sure. Quick off the mark, nothing gets past her extreme powers of perception. She makes a great mother too, for with her altruistic tendencies, she is full of empathy and understanding. You will have to get used to her quirky habits and unusual ways. But she will keep you entertained and ready for anything. She makes a lively lover; she is experimental, adventurous, and a skilful flirt


MEN: This man has great powers of empathy and perception, which makes him nice to know. But he is not beyond deceptive activity if it is required. He goes through phases where he likes to be unavailable and mysterious. He also has a nosey streak, and loves to be at centre of other people’s business. Pisces man has a natural intuition and sensitivity, which gives him the edge in many situations. However, he can be a bit indecisive and vague when does not understand his deepest emotions. Don’t doubt his feelings. But do be prepared for frustration at his non-verbal communication and reticence just when you want to get busy. Be warned, he can be evasive and deceptive when cornered; he is capable of subtle moves and wily ways. But when in love he falls deep and is idealistic in his expectations. Prone to depression, you will have to be patient to keep him.

WOMEN: This lady is romantic and compassionate, if not a little over sentimental with her displays of affection. No one could ever accuse her of neglect or flippancy. But she is a soft touch, so don’t take advantage of her in a ruthless way. She WILL fall for you. You have been warned! Protect her from ruthless, self indulgent types who are likely to take advantage of her amenable nature. Yes, she needs to toughen up, and use more discernment. But her perceptions are acute and powers of sympathy heightened. You won’t get away with anything underhand yourself as she is extremely psychic. But she is capable of deception herself, and may stray if you have wronged her first. Pisces lady is good at walking into situations that don’t reflect her in the best light. So, it is best to trust her and let her make some mistakes. She will listen the next time. Well, maybe!