Sunday, January 3, 2010

Relationships tips for 2010

WOMEN are from Venus; MEN are from Mars

Look for your friend or partners Star Sign and Gender here below for clues to their love, friendship and relating style.

Find out if they can be trusted. Are you destined for a life time of bliss, contentment, fun and laughter; or are you barking up the wrong tree?


MEN: Men with strong Aries energy are spontaneous and exciting. These are the ambitious, uncompromising Alpha males of the Zodiac. Assertive, and focused, Aries man does not take no for an answer. This chap is driven by his passions and is well able to segregate physical activity from emotional engagement, if you get my drift! Ruled by Mars, Aries man is dynamic and energetic between the sheets; but empathy is NOT his strong point. You may not get wined and dined ad infinitum, though you will get a good seeing to, if you pardon the expression. Not the most refined sensibility, this man IS capable of curbing his desires in order to learn some finesse. But this only happens when he has fallen deeply in love. Apart from that, this guy is hormonally driven and is quite happy to undertake a new connection based solely on a person’s appearance.

WOMEN: This feisty lady needs no seducing. Aries female is fully in touch with her carnal desires and needs very little coaxing to get busy between the sheets. This little lady suits herself and she is not likely to suppress her hormonal responses once she has set her sights on you. Even if she is spoken for, she is quite capable of the odd liaison along the way. I’m not saying she inevitably WILL; but she sure as hell MIGHT if the fancy takes her. This woman is very masculine and dynamic with her love making. Not afraid to take the lead, Aries woman is as good at the love ’em and leave ’em game as the next man. With strong sexual drives as her defining quality, Aries woman is not big on emotional drama. She is independent and does not need too much input. Some men may mistrust this and find their hearts’ challenged in the face of such self-sufficiency. Hurts doesn’t it!


MEN: Taurus man is a supremely gorgeous lover who will seduce you in subtle ways. But be warned! The Zodiac Bull is a flirt, who will invariably test the water with many of the females in his domain. Taurus man is intrinsically loyal and hates to risk his comfort zone. But, he is not beyond indulging those sensual desires if he feels he can get away with it. If Taurus is not free to act, he is likely to leave you dangling, having fired up your hormones to a torturous level. Taurus is useless at failure and rejection and is likely to play the field in these circumstances. But keep him satiated with lots of sex, intimacy and understanding, and the Zodiac Bull is loyal, fully relishing the Status Quo you provide. Taurus man is a passive creature who likes a dominant, independent mate. He is not particularly predatory, but boy, will he respond if you make the moves. Well, may be!

WOMEN: Taurus woman doesn’t ask for much; she wants it all! Wit, charm, sexual prowess, personality and a mischievous boyish outlook are all part of the package she requires. Think, you are in the running? Well to woo this little minx, you must also have a huge wad and be more than happy to indulge her every whim. She loves to leave you hanging on, and will play a merry devious game which leaves you eternally wrapped around that doll-like finger. Ms Taurus IS the marrying kind, but she also likes the bohemian groove until she has the man of her dreams finally pinned down. She will NOT marry for the sake of it. This female requires loyalty and devotion without the boredom factor. Watch for the little girl coquettishness and the public displays of affection which are extremely manipulative, however beguiling. She casts her spell with girlish charm.


MEN: Gemini male is a smoothie who loves to dip his finger in as many pies as possible. He is what he is; which is not the most trustworthy dude on the planet. But you are bound to forgive him most things, as he is as loveable and cute as they come. Turn a blind eye and enjoy the good stuff, for Gemini man is witty, entertaining and a bundle of laughs. Okay, he is easily distracted, somewhat two-faced, and masterful at covering his tracks. It’s all true. BUT the upside is you get to spend time with a cultured, refined, intelligent individual who loves to talk and bounce ideas around; amongst other things! Close to his family and friends, the Gemini fella does have a loyal streak and he does not mess with his deepest emotions. It’s just that he loves sex and can segregate his feelings into interchangeable compartments. His heart is a mansion with many rooms, you might say.

WOMEN: Gemini female is a funny mixture. She loves her independence and privacy, but she does have a vulnerable streak and likes to role-play Little-Girl-Lost, when the situation requires it. You will doubtless enjoy rescuing her from whatever it is that plays upon her mind; for she is beguiling, playful and childlike on a good day. Just steer clear when the thunder clouds are a-forming, and be prepared for the odd bit of nifty deception when she is trying to get ahead. The Gemini chick is competitive and likes to excel in her chosen field. But this prowess, luckily for you, extends to the bedroom. You can expect hours of fun, so long as you don’t become boring and predictable. If Gemini woman does demand one thing; it’s a vivid imagination between the sheets. She is dangerous in manipulative mode, but strangely innocent as she indulges her desires. Enjoy…


MEN: The Cancer male is a great believer in taking things easy. It’s anything for the quiet life, as far as he’s concerned. The Zodiac Crab can be quite indirect and understated, even a little cold. Not the best communicator in the world, this fella expects you to read his mind in the same way he can read yours. Very self protective and cagey about his deepest feelings, he can be quite moody and petulant. He is also good at ducking and diving and knows how to keep you guessing. Plagued with insecurities and anxiety, he can still be pushy when he has to be. If a person or circumstance has served its purpose he can be quite ruthless at shutting down and moving on. When committed though the scuttling Crab can be coaxed into nurturing and caring. Deep and emotional, this man tends to spend too much time analyzing how HE is doing. What about you?

WOMEN: This woman is sensitive and protective with her displays of affection. Those she loves get her undivided attention; but her intensity can at times be overwhelming.
Inclined to be temperamental, the female Crab can snap at the silliest things. Too often she goes ‘off on one’ for no good reason. This sensitive lady needs an outlet for her complex emotions; if you know what I mean. Get busy between the sheets and most things can be readily forgiven. Remember, her shyness is surprising and she gets insecure about the strangest things. But intimacy is important to her well being; as is sharing and caring in a close knit environment. She really is very unlikely to stray as family life suits her, providing ample opportunity for the connections she craves. When things are running smoothly this lady gives unconditionally; but she can be turned off by other’s demands.


MEN: The Zodiac Lion is a dramatic and flamboyant lover. No one would dismiss this beast as a wallflower that’s for sure. Definitely inclined towards dramatic gestures, the regal male is madly colourful and good fun to be with. This man’s creativity is enviable and he has good energy reserves for the things which grab his imagination. Let’s hope one of them is YOU! Remember, routine stuff bores the pants off him; but he does have a lazy streak which allows him to snooze off at the drop of a hat when there is nothing better to do. Keep him stimulated and interested and the loving will intensify. Give up too readily, and he will go out on the prowl to peruse his domain. The Lion will not be seduced for the sake of it; yet of course he manages to be intrinsically charming when he says no. But his need to be adored is a key aspect of his sexual drive and general prowess.

WOMEN: The Zodiac Lioness is loyal and generous hearted. Attentive and kind, she loves to dominate her terrain and takes tremendous pride in her brood. But she can also be quite controlling and in-your-face with her gestures. The Leo female is the proverbial Drama Queen, and her emotions are bizarrely and entertainingly over the top when she becomes unbalanced. However when she is fully appreciated, this does not really happen. Just watch out for the claws if you ever take her for granted. Her temper tantrums are legendary, and she can be quite childlike when she does not get her own way. If she’s going to stray, this would be the time, so it kind of pays to keep her happy. Indulge her and she will repay you with more loving than you know what to do with. Scary really! On the plus side, this female is wonderfully engaging and magically open hearted.


MEN: The Virgo man is usually low-key, modest, dutiful, and possibly a bit ‘mousy’ on first impressions. But don’t be fooled, this earthy sign warms up eventually and there are few who could beat him for over all performance. This man makes his voice and presence felt in subtle ways and he is intrinsically loyal. He really IS worth your time and attention if you are looking for lasting love, fun and commitment. But watch out for his systematic, methodical streak, as he works his way into hearts and minds. He does have a controlling streak and of course that tendency to worry too much can be a bit of a pain. The Virgo man is incredibly picky and perfectionist. Likely to be critical of himself and others he does not believe in making things easy. On the plus side, casual links and superficial people are just not his style. What you see is what you get with this reliable fella.

WOMEN: This female is loyal, kind and modest; but a stickler for perfection. Her standards are high and she finds it difficult to be demonstrative when something doesn’t feel right. The Zodiac Goddess shows her love and affection in practical ways. Even her tidiness and organization indicate her level of involvement. When she is wholeheartedly up-for-it, she is the chirpiest homemaker in the kingdom. But this lady has a cool analytical side and can express herself dispassionately. She may come across as aloof and fussy to those who don’t know her very well. Virgo woman seeks perfection and sometimes gets held back by her need to have everything ‘just so’. But she is unlikely to stray even if things get dire. Not great at revenge, you will probably be forgiven if you are unfaithful to her. Remember though, she will be tortured by it and will never forget.


MEN: Libra Man is romantic, full of good will and happy thoughts. Well, in theory! In love-with-love, Libra will make uninformed choices until they hook up with their Soul Mate. A sucker for candle lit dinners and romantic gestures; this male is easily seduced by traditional expressions of feeling. It takes him a while to realize that sentimentality and a bunch of roses do not equate to undying love. When the situation gets serious, the harmonious Libran ups his game and pursues hard evidence of his chosen amour’s staying power before he fully commits. In typical Libra style, he is sometimes assertive; sometimes shy; blowing hot and cold, often to your eternal frustration if you have already fallen for him. Yes, his dithering can indeed be quite exasperating, and even when he is committed, you will have to remember that he will flirt for Ireland whenever possible.

WOMEN: Libra Female is idealistic, dreamy and good calming company. She expects a lot from her relationships. But she can also be refreshingly lighthearted and even flippant. She expresses her affections sometimes extravagantly, sometimes hesitantly and her varied responses reflect typical Libran dithering. Unlikely to stray once she has fallen in love, this Zodiac female is reliable and unusually beautiful. Others may try to seduce her and you may feel insecure when she is out and about. But rest assured; this little lady does not look elsewhere so long as she is not stifled or pushed into a corner by YOU! Okay, that wicked sense of humour and natural charisma attracts all sorts of people. It’s just the way she is and you will have to appreciate this sociable aspect of her nature if you are going to keep her happy and buoyant. She hates conflict and will walk not talk.


MEN: This passionate Zodiac Sign is surprisingly reticent about casual connections. The one-night-stand circuit is not the first choice of behaviour for the Scorpion. Of course this is a habit that is easy to fall into if there is an underlying fear of being hurt by love which there often is. But contrary to most Zodiac Scorpio myths, this man does not tumble into bed at the drop of a proverbial hat. Intense and deep, commitment is important to Scorpio male. One thing is for sure, this man does not believe in half measures with the love stuff. When committed to a course of action, which hopefully involves YOU, this man will follow through to the MAX. If you are unsure of his advances, watch his brooding eyes for clues. The truth is in there if you care to see it. This man certainly IS a catch with great energy levels and spectacular powers of endurance. Passionate responses come easy

WOMEN: This HOT Zodiac female is compulsive and passionate, which is great for intense connections. Yes, she may be likely to stray if the notion takes her. But there is NO point getting het up about it. You may pick up the vibes and be completely wrong, so if you love a Scorpio female, give her lots of space. She is much more likely then to wonder what YOU are up to, which will keep her on the straight and narrow like nothing else. Be aware that her mystery, privacy and charisma are all part of her allure. If you breathe down her neck in a less than seductive way she may turn against you, becoming overly suspicious and a tad obsessive. Her great gifts of passion and intensity can also be a burden. You will have to be a self contained, self assured and charismatic fella to attract and keep this lovely lady. She quickly casts a spell that will keep you hooked. Enjoy!


MEN: Sagittarius male is straightforward and adventurous. If you are up for an experience that will tickle your fancy, do hook up with a Sagittarian. Yes, they are hyper, busy and sporty, and you will sometimes wonder where you fit in. But apart from that, you are signed up for a rollercoaster ride with never a dull moment. If you enjoy peace and quiet; don’t bother. But if you like to be entertained, and never bored; go right ahead. This fiery soul is idealistic in his quest for true love. He is a born optimist who in this life has embarked on a continual quest to improve his lot. Sagittarius male is a restless spirit who keeps up the pressure, even when he has already got quite a good deal. Yes, the grass is always greener and he loves to spend time with the lads. Here is a free spirit who will experiment ad infinitum with a whole range of connections; like it or not!

WOMEN: The Sagittarian female is open with her affections and somewhat idealistic too. When she feels love, the whole world invariably hears about it. This is fine if you like the object of your affections to make a fuss; but not so good if you are the discrete, private type. This female wears her heart on her sleeve and she can be quite easily led, which is great if you want to seduce her; but may unnerve you if you want to keep a hold of her. A firm, loving approach should do the trick and a busy schedule too (for her). Be strong and self-contained to keep her interest. Apart from that, precious little dampens her lively spirit, which is great for intimate shenanigans, but not the best if you need a night’s kip. It takes a lot to get this lady riled; and even then she is one of the most forgiving souls on the planet. She’s difficult to pin down, but hours of endless fun.


MEN: This fella is an earthy, matter of fact soul, who can also be quite calculating. If you are with him, you need to guard your interests and keep your boundaries in check. One night stands are anathema to this man, so that is a comfort. But the down side is you won’t often get a let-up from his intensity and need to control things. Can you handle it? Of course love covers a multitude of sins, and you can have full confidence in your relationship if you have adjusted through the tricky times. Once the deeper levels of love have kicked in, this man is full of romance, love and tolerance too; a great mixture for the archetypal family man, really. The Capricorn male is quite a traditionalist even before commitment sets in. But as a singleton he is not beyond the quick fling. Still, he makes his selection carefully, and then usually ends up marrying her anyway!

WOMEN: This woman is faithful and dutiful with her affections; but her relationships can be somewhat boring and sanitized. Meticulous about doing things the right way; she is prone to creating a joyless, edgy atmosphere, unwittingly. In trying to do things right this lady is in danger of losing her spontaneity and sense of humour. Loved ones potentially feel stifled, so be warned if you start to feel like you always have to be on your best behaviour. This earthy lady takes relationships seriously, which is commendable. But whilst she is sensual, faithful and down to earth, she is also rather exacting too. Her natural reserve may come across as snobbish. But she is not dull and you will quickly know you can trust her with your life, heart and just about everything else too. Be patient with her when you first meet. She needs time to warm up and trust you.


MEN: This man is unique. Eccentric and a law unto himself, he makes it all up as he goes along. What is expected, be damned! Aquarian man does things as he wishes, or not at all. If you are involved with him, be aware that he can be controlling. Any one who dares to influence him adversely gets short shrift. On the up side this man is a real catch as he has a strong altruistic streak. He does not tolerate idiots; but he is wise, with a knowing air. His caring gestures are from the heart. In the boudoir he is imaginative and free spirited too. Anything goes and lovers are invariably in for a treat. Fresh approaches and unusual ideas turn him on, and he can cope with most forms of weirdness. This man is a good mix as he is loyal too; until he gets bored. Brush up on your intellect and knowledge to keep him hooked and things will flow in a longstanding, blissful way.

WOMEN: This lady is affectionate but unconventional and experimental. She can be a little kooky and odd and her fashion sense is certainly individual. But she is interesting and humourful. Little fazes her and she is offended by precious little. As long as she is free to express her feelings she is easily pleased. Privacy is crucial to her equilibrium; but she is also sociable and lively of wit and mind. Don’t expect an easy ride with this Zodiac Queen. You have met your match in her that IS for sure. Quick off the mark, nothing gets past her extreme powers of perception. She makes a great mother too, for with her altruistic tendencies, she is full of empathy and understanding. You will have to get used to her quirky habits and unusual ways. But she will keep you entertained and ready for anything. She makes a lively lover; she is experimental, adventurous, and a skilful flirt


MEN: This man has great powers of empathy and perception, which makes him nice to know. But he is not beyond deceptive activity if it is required. He goes through phases where he likes to be unavailable and mysterious. He also has a nosey streak, and loves to be at centre of other people’s business. Pisces man has a natural intuition and sensitivity, which gives him the edge in many situations. However, he can be a bit indecisive and vague when does not understand his deepest emotions. Don’t doubt his feelings. But do be prepared for frustration at his non-verbal communication and reticence just when you want to get busy. Be warned, he can be evasive and deceptive when cornered; he is capable of subtle moves and wily ways. But when in love he falls deep and is idealistic in his expectations. Prone to depression, you will have to be patient to keep him.

WOMEN: This lady is romantic and compassionate, if not a little over sentimental with her displays of affection. No one could ever accuse her of neglect or flippancy. But she is a soft touch, so don’t take advantage of her in a ruthless way. She WILL fall for you. You have been warned! Protect her from ruthless, self indulgent types who are likely to take advantage of her amenable nature. Yes, she needs to toughen up, and use more discernment. But her perceptions are acute and powers of sympathy heightened. You won’t get away with anything underhand yourself as she is extremely psychic. But she is capable of deception herself, and may stray if you have wronged her first. Pisces lady is good at walking into situations that don’t reflect her in the best light. So, it is best to trust her and let her make some mistakes. She will listen the next time. Well, maybe!

who is compatible?

Fellow Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn always connect well and have balanced, sensual, laid back relationships. The only down side is the inevitable clash of wills from time to time. When they blow they blow, but it is not long before calm descends and the Bull grazes on and the Virgo gets on with the housework. Earth signs can be pretty stubborn and like to get their own way. But, mutable, practical Virgo will more often than not adapt to the dictates of their Taurus or Capricorn partner when push comes to shove.

Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio understand each other but things can get over emotional and off balance quite quickly. These are not necessarily practical matches, but there is always an intuitive telepathy, connection and empathy. Loaded, emotive relationships which can expend a lot of energy and wear you down; but on the up side make you feel like you are really living and experiencing something. Never dull anyway!

Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius generate a lot of heat. But these signs like to hold onto their freedom and get their own way. Aries is the Zodiac kiddie who doesn’t inevitably mix long term with Sagittarius who hates to bend to anyone’s will. But these are great passionate connections. Loyalty is rarely an issue once the commitments are made; but it takes along time for long term agreements to find their feet. Patience is needed in the early stages. Fire signs are perhaps better off mixing with Earth to encourage a bit of stability and grounded, adult behaviour.

Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can mix and match with most signs. They generally hate disharmony and seek to maintain independence. They do things in their own way, communicate with whom they please, and generally encourage loved ones to do the same. These are not obviously romantic signs, so the likes of Pisces might feel shortchanged and Earth signs may find there is not enough of a sensual hands-on action. These signs can be kooky and you need to understand the language of love of your Air sign or you could take offense quite quickly. They do not do things by the book.

Aries and Pisces can be a challenging mix, as can Sagittarius and Scorpio. They do say that adjacent signs have an understanding of each other. But it could be a case of not sufficiently different, so things get stale and fraught more easily.

Aries and Taurus have longevity having said that. The likes of Bono and Ali, Posh and Becks have the staying power so long as they are not confined to 24/7 scenarios. An independent streak is needed if you are in a relationship with an adjacent zodiac sign.

They say that opposites attract and this is true in the zodiac where polar opposite signs are often drawn together in quite a magnetic way. Soul mates are often opposite signs or there are string components in their charts demonstrating the attraction of opposites.

Then of course there are the same sign relationships, which have a habit of becoming familial quite quickly; more a case of brother and sister or sibling than lover and partner. Though if it works, don’t knock it.


Aries is a dynamo and falls in love very quickly…or should I say lust? Of all the signs you are not backwards about coming forwards. With a dynamic Arian things move quickly. You are quick to show interest when you fancy someone, but tire just as quickly once the fun is over. You have a low tolerance level; and if your ferocious physical appetites are not satiated, there will be problems. Partners have to keep up - or else!
Pay a little more attention to the finesse of romantic relationships. Some signs love to be wooed and want love to develop slowly but surely. Unless you can develop some grounding and patience, you are liable to miss out on the subtle nuances of seduction.
Also, be cautious re commitment. Make sure your feelings are going to last before you say ‘I do’! However, if you have found someone who can match your lust, enthusiasm and appetite for life therein is a lasting connection. Hold onto it for dear life. Rarely does such intensity and reciprocity come around twice. So be willing to put in the work and effort once you are settled. Build on equality in your relationships and all will be well. Singletons however should sew their wild oats and proceed with caution. Passion is a seductive feeling of course. But more haste, less speed would not go amiss.


Fellow Aries understands your passionate nature. But guard against major rows when stubborn wills clash. Gemini is very suitable and compatible; and Leo is all heart. Sagittarius is a great match in the bedroom. But things could get boring quickly. Scorpio is a sexy sign but the Scorpion need to be in control could trouble Aries. Ideally, Aries should avoid Taurus 24/7. But it can work if independence is respected. Pisces is way too intense and overly romantic - the language of love is just too different.


Natural good looks and bucket loads of charm enable the Zodiac Bull to play the field and have the pick of the crop. But being Taurus, you are rarely in a hurry to connect. You are an earthy creature and want to be sure of a good thing first. Marriage brings the safe feeling that loyalty and commitment provide. Once committed, you tend not to stray. Well not when anyone is watching anyhow. There is no escaping the compelling Taurean. Sounds ominous? Well it can be. For when you are off balance, there are issues of possession and an obsessive tendency can ruin otherwise healthy relationships. You find it difficult to let go, and need to express anger and frustration vocally. If your emotions become blocked the eventual explosion is not a pretty sight. Never treat loved ones and friends as possessions. Learn to respect their freedom and independence; your loyalty will be well rewarded. You are a great provider, and seriously dependable; and you make an ideal partner for those who want security, safety and material stability.
Romantic gestures come easy to Taurus and you are the stuff dreams are made of. No Zodiac sign is as sensual, intense and romantic all at the same time…What’s your number?


Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn are true Soul Mates. They understand your need for reliability, grounding and sensual expression. Scorpio, your opposite provides a powerful telepathic link - sexy too! Leo is good fun and looks great. Pisces is live wire and a loose- cannon. Aries does is not a good idea 24/7 – it could end in tears. Aquarius is detached and missing the TLC factor. Sagittarius is too unpredictable and flighty. Cancer and Libra are good friends, but too different. Go easy with fellow Taurus – a potential clash of the Titans!


It is relatively easy for Gemini to make the moves when they are attracted to someone. You are one of the Zodiac’s great communicators and possess a fine imagination. Charming, witty and creative, not much stands in your way when you are on the prowl. Over time however, your dual nature is a potential spanner in the works. Along with a low boredom threshold; an immature Gemini finds the battle to settle down a constant struggle. Indeed, complete faithfulness is a rare achievement for those with lashings of Gemini energy. Partners of Gemini have to understand your need to fulfil restless urges. Or at least permit a semblance of freedom. The looser the leash, the more likely it is you will stay true, so it certainly does not pay to mistrust or nag you. With Gemini, the risks are worth it. You are great at heart felt expressions. Not afraid to verbalise feelings, you may astound people with the speed at which you fall madly in and out of love. Also, sexually you make for a lively and imaginative bedfellow. Complaints in the boudoir are unlikely. You need to avoid the Slipper and Sofas syndrome at all costs…


Aries is a great match - these two can be best friends as well as lovers. Fellow Gemini understands; whilst Aquarius has intelligence and detachment, which keeps the interest up. Cancer is far too emotional and needy; and there is a lot of game playing and potential deceit re Pisces. Virgo and Capricorn are way too staid, organized, and predictable for flighty Gemini. But Scorpio and Sagittarius present a challenge. Scorpio is the seducer and Gemini will play along. And Sagittarius is playful, but too fiery.


Cancer thrives on the nurturing possibilities of Love connections. But strong and powerful emotions should be monitored, or you risk overwhelming the object of your affections. You are a true romantic who enjoys being wooed and seduced. However, coziness may set in, if the urge to nurture and protect takes precedence. You should maintain your independence; and so guarantee a lifetime of intensity and passion. You can be flexible within your relationships which will allow for development and change. Protect yourself, or you may feel left behind and abandoned when love moves on. Respect freedom. There is no point drowning someone in kindness. Besides, your wonderfully warm sensuality and ability to tune-in will keep them coming back for more.
You are an expressive and brilliant lover. Guard your heart though, for you are quite sensitive and susceptible. Always make sure that your affections are reciprocated, before you get in too deep. Temper the urge to be overly sentimental about the past, for this may hamper your progress in the present. Current relationships do not respond well to a persistent potted history of past encounters. For sanity’s sake, discard those rose tinted spectacles…


Fellow Crab is a match made in heaven. Whilst Virgo is a stabilizing influence and support. Scorpio is a whirlwind in the bedroom. And Pisces is a lot of fun with a wicked sense of humour. Taurus is a compelling partner though there will be differences of opinion! Capricorn is reliable and steady. But on balance is probably too austere and cold. Leo will get distracted and not be able to give full time attention. Gemini is too flirty, though shares a sense of humour. Air signs do not measure up…


You are all heart, and should therefore guard against being hurt. The Zodiac Lion is readily wounded, and falls in love heavily and swiftly. If intense feelings are returned in full you are destined for blissful happiness. But life can be unkind and you will often experience heartache, before peace and harmony finally descends. You are a faithful creature, who is naturally loyal and open. You love social intercourse, and need the stimulation of a variety of connections. Partners should understand that you are completely faithful when given free rein. Your heart is slow to heal and you feel things deeply and intensely. Be careful not to overwhelm your partner with your generous spirit. Less is definitely more when you are in love. You do need to make a heart connection, but hold back to protect yourself. Make sure that your partner is up for it and committed before you let it all hang out. Be careful not to be too dominant in your relationships or you will scare everyone off, never mind the love interest. Accept that sometimes people will say NO. You need an enthusiastic and responsive partner; someone who can occasionally give you what for!


Fellow Fire signs suit Leo. Passions fly, and there is understanding without tedium. Taurus is ‘low key’, but provides quality romance which Leo desires. Gemini is lively and interesting. However, loyalty issues could send it all pear-shaped. Water signs are generally too broody and intense for Leo. Pisces is liable to outwit The Lion, which will not go down well. And Scorpio is a match for any Leo - These conflicting egos will fight it out incessantly! Virgo sees through leonine traits in an instant. And Capricorn is just not up for the permanent party…


Being Virgo you find it difficult to believe that anyone would fall for you. Highly self-critical you like to offer perfection only. If you feel inadequate in any area – not slim, tall or cute enough you will take some persuading. The irony is that Virgo is often quite stunning; and others fail to understand where the reluctance to engage comes from. You often get called, aloof, snobby, or unattainable. But a smug Virgo is a rare creature indeed. If you want to woo and win a Virgo plenty of reassurance about your genuine intentions will be needed. Virgo modesty can be a problem in the bedroom. But what is rarely reported is that when The Virgin gets into gear, he/she is earthy and passionate. Once committed you are loyal and faithful. Even if the physical aspect of a relationship diminishes Virgo will not stray. If you are a Virgo, be careful not to project your issues onto your partners and loved ones. Modify your expectations of people, places and things for sanity’s sake. Learn to accept others on their own merit and appreciate the positive aspect of doing things differently. You can not expect to realistically control the proceedings from dawn to dusk, so chill…


Taurus and Virgo fulfill each other’s wildest dreams! Cancer has the full-on sensuality Virgo needs. Virgo and Virgo are liable to drive each other wild with desire, but mad with frustration. Pisces is highly charged with oodles of sex appeal; whilst Scorpio is suitably sexy, minus the control issues. Aries is a loose canon, without stability. Similarly, Gemini is exciting company. But as for life long commitment, forget it! Aquarius understands, but gets exasperated when Virgo is right. Libra is funny, irresistible and hard work. Leo and Sagittarius are OK for a fling…


Librans love the thought of being in love. You thrive on the anticipation as much as the event itself. You tend to fall in love very easily, and should make a concerted effort to choose wisely. A trail of broken hearts does not a pretty picture make and you must be careful with your emotions. Be aware that you are more vulnerable than they realize. It is imperative for you to exercise discrimination and protect your interests. Do learn to accept people on their own merit; and try to watch what you expect from others in return. Honour the freedom and independence of partners and family members, then your expectations will be repaid tenfold. The looser the grip, the more you will receive. Unconditional love, painful though it may be, also guarantees big rewards. You are a born romantic; but need to keep those feet on the ground. Start to be realistic about love. Don’t just plan the wedding ceremony, work out first what a lifetime together actually means. Romantic thoughts are all very well; but do remember you have to relate to human beings not knights in shining armour, or princesses from the fairy tales.


Aries, Libra’s polar opposite, is highly compatible. Gemini is a master of delivery, and the Aquarian’s sense of humour wins every time. Taurus is a great provider. Libra wants for nothing…until the boredom sets in. Cancer is highly seductive and permanently interesting. Leo has instant appeal - the fireworks fly when these two hit the sack. Libra with Libra makes a good team. But expect a clash eventually. Pisces is too emotionally clever, and tends to manipulate to get a reaction. Capricorn is too tame and tedious. While Scorpio is totally unfathomable!


Scorpio is both plagued and blessed by deep emotion. This renders you a great catch indeed. But also signifies that there are deep-seated issues to be processed in matters of the heart. You rise to the challenge; but needs to temper obsessive and possessive tendencies in relationships. Scorpio loves to control the proceedings and feels uncomfortable when out of its depth. So it takes you time to trust and feel comfortable one-on-one. It is a fear of commitment and heartache that is responsible for your rampant reputation. You would rather have a string of affairs than commit to anticipated heartbreak. Love needs to find its feet before you relax enough to enjoy deep connections. Guard against jealousy, suspicion, and resentfulness. When insecure, you can be aggressive and prone to picking fights. There is inevitably intense drama when Scorpio does not feel loved. Learn to cope with your deep feelings and be patient with yourself. When you find your Soul Mate, you will realize what a gift these emotions really are. You are loyal and committed once in love. So recognize that mischievous secret grin which manifests when you love someone…


Fellow Scorpio is a true Soul Mate; while Taurus and Virgo really suit. These seductive Earth signs provide the missing link. Cancer and Pisces connect emotionally. But there maybe game playing and blackmail when things get intense. Leo and Scorpio are powerfully attracted - A very physical relationship. Aries connects well with Scorpio. But this is more friendship than intense passion. Sagittarius has to be willing to compromise. Or forget it over the long term. Avoid dominant Capricorn and flighty Gemini. Libra is a bit bland. Whilst Aquarius is too busy and distracted.


Sagittarius has boundless energy for love and life. Your free wheeling nature needs variety and diversity; which can of course herald trouble when it comes to commitment. Sagittarius has wild oats to sow, and is not ashamed to say so! Strong passionate feelings and natural urges often get the better of The Archer; who is not intentionally unfaithful, but who simply finds that things-happen now and again. You are never backwards about coming forwards. But as you mature you value companionship and conversation. There is an option on the mellow route. As long as you are free to roam and consider endless possibilities, fidelity is not a problem. This may be unnerving for loved ones. But if Sagittarius is respected and unconfined, no harm is done. One whiff of possessiveness and you will find ways to wander. If you are Sagittarius, you may at times be too casual about love and sex. Jealousy is not in your vocabulary, which can be both liberating and disconcerting for loved ones. However, once you connect with your Soul Mate, nothing will persuade you to stray. When you truly fall for someone you will know all about it…and so will everyone else.


Aries has a lot of passion to share with Sagittarius; whilst Leo is ideal mentally and physically - a fulfilling connection. Libra is up for it – just about anywhere! And Aquarius is quirky but adventurous. Gemini fills in the gaps, with endless chatter guaranteed. Cancer is an intriguing and mysterious partner, who keeps Sagittarius guessing. Virgo is interesting and captivates for a certain amount of time. Where Pisces is very compelling and drives Sagittarius to distraction, for good or bad. Possessive Scorpio and the plodding earth signs Taurus and Capricorn should be avoided…


Capricorn is cautious in matters of the heart. The Zodiac Goat needs to find its feet, and tends to warm up slowly. Once committed you are steadfast and true. Since few can match your devotion and loyalty. It is advisable that you ditch control issues. When you develop an open attitude to feelings and emotions, anything can happen. Capricorn often holds back for fear of rejection. So TRUST is the key; plus a willingness to make mistakes occasionally. When you fall in love it is usually for keeps. For, when this Earth sign surrenders, their amour is already smitten. Capricorn is not a great risk taker, and does not act on impulse; which is good protection of course. But can mean that you miss out on all the fun. You are a sure thing, who expects as much in return. Fair enough! But if you are Capricorn do unwind; and watch that tendency to penny pinch. You do not wish to come across mean spirited. It is not a crime to spend money. But missing out on romantic dinners, presents and gestures of affection IS. Down to earth as you are, let go. Loosen purse and heart strings, just a little...


Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo bring passion and practicality…the ideal mix for Capricorn. Pisces is adoring and malleable – very useful. But Cancer may be overly emotional. Aries is simply too hot to handle – great for a fling, if you dare have one. Scorpio likes to be in control; as does fellow Capricorn - An inevitable clash waiting to happen. Libra is simply too different. And Aquarius has to get its way – a recipe for disaster…Gemini is way too wild and challenging for Capricorn. And Sagittarius is dangerously impulsive. Opportunistic signs need not apply.


Aquarius is a private person who does not readily make deep, intense connections. The Water Carrier acts similarly to cautious Capricorn, but for different reasons. You are alluring, charismatic, and rarely spoiled for choice. However, you do not fall in love easily. Interested in a whole range of options, you flit in and out of possibilities until surety descends. You have a magnetic pull, which may attract and repel in equal measure. On the one hand enticing and curious, you disconnect quickly when uneasy. Of course there is nothing wrong with being careful; but you should guard against missing out on the love of your life. Too much detachment and preservation of privacy can render the Water Carrier isolated and alone. It is important that you open up from the heart to make lasting links. If you are Aquarius, learn to show your emotions more fully and be honest with love’s expression. Once you fall for someone you fall heavily. Your choice of partner may be unusual; but your loyalty ensures that they have you for life. Find a partner who respects your maverick nature and unique disposition. Prepare for an exciting and fulfilling relationship; and certainly do not allow anyone to sway your choices…as if!


Fellow Aquarius is compatible and entertaining. While Gemini offers everything, and has a great sense of humour to boot! Libra brings a lasting and lustful connection. Aries is a great idea when the balance is right. And Leo is fun for a moment or two. Virgo annoys Aquarius by being right once too often! But Sagittarius is unusually devoted. Expect a clash of the Titans with Capricorn. Watch out for Pisces who will get under your skin and invade your space. Taurus is too cozy and home orientated for Aquarius who wants to party.


Pisces loves to display a whole range of emotions with passion and gusto! Love delights in The Fishes’ openness; but is also embarrassed by that tendency to be over eager in public places. You must learn to define boundaries; and should be careful not to chase love away in an eagerness to please. You are liable to be overly intense, a little sentimental, and highly idealistic. These honest qualities echo the naïve child attempting to make a dream come true. Pisces must be mindful that adult relationships inspire a mixed bag of emotions; requiring adjustment and compromise along the way. It is all very well holding onto romantic notions of happiness for as long as possible; but life has a way of delivering harsh and insightful lessons to help us grow up. You are quite vulnerable to heartache whilst this education takes place. If you are Pisces, enjoy the intensity of your passions. But DO curb your enthusiasm. There is no one to match you romantically; and your performance is always honest. Do access the lighter side of love, life, and happiness. Do not take things quite so seriously. You may always find refuge in the fantasies revolving around your head. But will this substitute for an experience of the real thing? I think not!


Cancer and Scorpio speak the Pisces language of love. Virgo is highly compelling. But once attraction fades the arguments could be interesting! Fellow Pisces either repels or attracts - Follow your instincts. Avoid Sagittarius except for an exciting fling. Taurus is up for it. But will tire of Piscean mutability. Leo goes along for the ride – up to a point. And Capricorn is too staid and not impulsive enough. Gemini is untrustworthy – Surprise! Libra is a nitpicker! Aquarius gets down and dirty. But this is potential war, not fun at all…

Saturn planet of Karma where's yours?


Saturn’s authority puts a restraining order on excess. This Planet holds The Universe in check. Not an easy energy, Saturn challenges recklessness. Saturn is our conscience warning against foolhardiness. Intimidating to the free spirited. Saturn may undermine weak self-esteem, heightening self-doubt and confusion.

Saturn’s buzzword is ‘don’t’, which may repress, depress, or comfort, according to disposition. Like an autocratic parent, this Ruling Planet is good to have around in a crisis; but debilitating when we need to muster self-confidence. Balance is crucial in the face of Saturn’s warning flag. It is advisable to take the hint and put the breaks on questionable behaviour. But equally important to resist Saturn’s bullying…

Some of you may have heard of the scourge of The Saturn Return, but not really have a clue what it means to your life in detail. Generally people know that something happens when we hit the phase of our lives between the ages of 28 and 30 because they observe BIG adjustments, shifts and changes in circumstances that are most definitely beyond their control. So how is this sometimes uncomfortable experience explained astrologically?

Saturn, the planet symbolically associated with time, challenges, fear, doubt, confusion, difficulty, heaviness and hard lessons is also more positively linked with structure, accomplishment, power, maturity, reflection, order and prestige.

Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit The Sun when it then returns to exactly the degree which it occupied at the time of your birth. When this happens in your Natal Chart, you are going to feel the tremors of Saturn’s power like it or not. Our thirtieth birthday is for this reason a major rite of passage, and in Astrological terms it is even more important than your 21st.

At the tail end of our twenties we all begin the build up to our Saturn Return which is going to force us to restructure our lives and grow up a little. This phenomenon purges what is not good for us and it is generally a case of ‘Do or Die’ during this rite of passage…

Victoria and David Beckham went through huge marriage upheavals, stress, scandal and relocation to Spain in the midst of their Saturn Returns.

And of course, Colin Farrell was once famous for his mad shenanigans and colourful love life; the most frantic stuff going on throughout his Saturn Return. An interesting way to cope COL! Only when Colin had come through it all did he get his life in order, go to rehab and reemerge the other side.

Now, things have calmed down personally and astrologically for Colin, he can look forward to more meaty acting roles and a portfolio of property which is of course a really sensible use of his wage packet. So there are indeed potential rewards the other side of The Saturn Return if we get through it in one piece and pay attention throughout the process. Even though this is a challenging time it is not all bad. Colin had lots of fun!

There are always definite moves we can make to give ourselves some structure in the midst of The Saturn Return. It IS possible to give it some shape and meaning despite the turmoil and confusion which goes on at the time. If you remember that the goals to aim for are independence, maturity, responsibility, ambition, and self evaluation, you WILL come through it with your dignity in tact!
Okay we’re not all going to be Hollywood Stars. But we do all need to make the most of our lives and get through its challenges in one piece. Our rewards the other side of this process called The Saturn Return will reflect how we handled it. As we get stuck into this final test which paves the way for adulthood, we need to stay calm, TRUST and focus on our life goals. Yes, some people can’t cope and go off the rails, others become somewhat introverted for a time. But those who shine through it all are those who access their personal power, truth and stick-ability.

To make the most of The Saturn Return phase of your life you need Determination with a capital D. Even if you do not know what you want before it begins, the process itself will show you and by the end of it all you will be as clear as the cold light of day.

Should you envy those who are already ambitious and focused? No! For even the best of us can not escape The Saturn Return. With those who are already sorted and established it is more likely to be quite a traumatic process emotionally. Just look at the Beckham’s. Not only did they have to cope with their personal processes at this time, they also had to do it in a blaze of publicity. They hardly got off lightly…

So no one escapes the scourge of Saturn completely, it IS an important part of our lives and without this tricky planet which throws up interesting challenges, life would probably be rather dull. The energy stirred up by the planet Saturn teaches us a whole lot and especially helps us to find balance and maturity if we work with it and don’t baulk at what is happening.

The Saturn Return teaches us to be brave and face up to whole lot. It is definitely NOT a good idea to brush things under the carpet during this phase. If you do that the damage in the long term could be pretty hideous. Embrace your fears and confusion during this time and the rewards will be great indeed. Remember, life doesn’t serve you up with more than you are able to cope with and Saturn that seven-ringed planet in the sky certainly won’t either…

In fact to end on a positive note, The Saturn Return can help you to find and express yourself more fully and authentically. By teaching us how to be real and truly ourselves if we listen and observe its lessons Saturn can serve us well…

Saturn returns to each Zodiac sign every 29 or 30 years for approximately three years…

So where was Saturn when you were born and how does its placing distinguish you from your fellow Star signs?

Saturn in ARIES:

(April 1937 to March 1940 and March 1967 to April 1969 and April 1996 to February 1999)

Saturn in Aries makes you less impulsive than other fire signs. This placing controls your impulsive streak and general assertiveness by keeping you in check. You definitely have more patience than other Arians too, which can’t be a bad thing. Saturn in Aries teaches you more composure, patience and tolerance.

Saturn in TAURUS:

(July 1939 to May 1942 and May 1969 to February 1972 and June 1998 to April 2001 2001)

This placing affects your materialistic concerns making you less acquisitive and ambitious than fellow Taueans. It perhaps makes you more cautious and less touchy feely too when it comes to sensual match ups. Saturn in Taurus teaches you to be practical and realistic about your expectations and material well being.

Saturn in GEMINI:

(May 1942 to June 1944 and June 1971 to August 1974 and April 2001 to June 2003)

Saturn has the effect of keeping you grounded and sensible; enabling you to use your communication skills very effectively. You are more logical than your Gemini counterparts and tend to get results with cute practical decisions. You are much less susceptible to illusion and scatty ideas. Plus your restless streak is well controlled.

Saturn in CANCER:

(August 1914 to June 1917 and June 1944 to July 1946 and August 1972 to June 1976 and June 2003 to July 2005)

This is a good placing for Cancerians for Saturn acts as a protective barrier. Emotions and responses tend to be more controlled and measured. The exterior outer shell is hardened and acts as a foil to those things which normally defeat your much more sensitive fellow Cancerians. You learn quickly how to deal with feeling inferior and paranoid.

Saturn in LEO:

(June 1917 to August 1919 and August 1946 to September 1948 and September 1975 to July 1978 and July 2005 to August 2007)

Saturn calms you down in comparison to your more gregarious fellow Zodiac lions. You are still fun, but you tend to be more measured and less reckless with love, money and decisions. Saturn also teaches you to take responsibility. You are a natural leader who is able to shoulder many issues. It is all water off the ducks back!

Saturn in VIRGO:

(August 1918 to October 1921 and September 1948 to August 1951 and July 1978 to September 1980 and August 2007 to October 2009 and April 7th 2010 to July 21st 2010)

Saturn puts your analytical and practical nature within firm boundaries. Your restless, neurotic streak is kept in check and you usually have the means to argue your way out of a corner. Saturn helps you concentrate on one thing at a time and makes you even more systematic than your fellow Virgoans. You also complete things!

Saturn in LIBRA:

(October 1921 to September 1924 and November 1950 to October 1953 and September 1980 to August 1983 and October 29th 2009 to April 7th 2010 and July 21st 2010 to 2012)

Your charm and politeness is low key which is no bad thing. It means you can come across as more genuine and deep than your fellow Librans. You still have a serious perfectionist streak. But you are trained by Saturn to be aware that actions speak louder than words. Your discipline and integrity is commendable. You deliver on a promise…

Saturn in SCORPIO:

(December 1923 to November 1926 and October 1953 to October 1956 and December 1982 to November 1985 and October 2012 to December 2014)

Saturn in this placing limits and controls your deep turbulent emotions making you more balanced than fellow Scorpions. You also possess more tolerance and understanding than usual. Under Saturn’s direction learn that perseverance is the key to success in most things. You are able to channel your deep responses to help others


(December 1926 to November 1929 and January 1956 to January 1959 and November 1985 to November 1988)

You are more realistic and have less of a mad sense of adventure than your fellow Sagittarians. Freedom you appreciate; but you know how to monitor your selfish desires and demands. Saturn bestows on you a more understanding and empathetic quality. You are mature and know how to be content with what you have

Saturn in CAPRICORN:

(December 1929 to November 1932 and January 1959 to January 1962 and February 1988 to February 1991)

The harsh and ruthless qualities of typical Capricornians are dampened down with Saturn in this position. You have a quiet cool confidence and know how to progress slowly but surely. Success is a given and you never panic about what might go wrong, because of course things rarely do. You are in control in a GOOD way!

Saturn in AQUARIUS:

(February 1932 to February 1935 and January 1962 to December 1964 and February 1991 to January 1994)

Aquarians tend to be overtly friendly and altruistic But Saturn in this position makes you more cautious and private. Under this planet’s direction you learn how to absorb and apply information to your benefit. You are thorough and possess great leadership qualities. In short, you do not miss a trick. Just watch for a tendency to be overly controlling

Saturn in PISCES:

(February 1935 to January 1938 and March 1964 to March 1967 and May 1993 to April 1996)

This is a great placing and you have the edge on fellow Pisceans. You are less gullible and get better protection. Your sensitive emotions and responses are under control and you know your boundaries well; which is unusual for a Piscean. Your ability to put on a brave face to the world is formidable and you give the illusion of being steely…no bad thing!

Uranus Pluto and Neptune Where are your 'out there' planets?

Where are your ‘Out There’ Planets?


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the three slow moving outer planets which influence our natal charts and daily lives. Because they take so long to amble through the heavens these are planets which influence generations. Each generation has markedly different placements of these planets. This logically then distinguishes how each decade or so we have such unique changes to our culture.

When one of these three slow movers shifts into a new sign in the Heavens above, we see marked changes in our external environment. Everything from hairstyles to car design to social structures undergo through radical change.

A most significant shift of this nature was when Pluto moved from Libra to Scorpio in 1984 until the end of 1995. Through this whole phase Plutonic activity lead to the development of nuclear weaponry, destruction via landmines, an increase of crimes of sex and violence and huge increase in the development of the porn industry.

Pluto moving through Scorpio brought much of this to light, preparing for the shift of Pluto into Sagittarius during 1996. Did we then see an increase in comedy, philosophical ideas and discussion and increased emphasis on religious issues? Probably we did…

The three outermost planets of the solar system take 84, 65 and 248 years respectively to orbit the Sun. They therefore stay 7, 14 and 28 years in a Zodiac sign (with slight variations whilst retrograde).

Find out where these three planets were at the time of your birth and what their placements mean for you…

URANUS is the planet of personal transformation. Inspirational for the individual, this Ruling Planet also blesses generations. Uranus challenges the Status Quo, and constitutes a challenging, difficult energy. Independent and radical, this planet moves slowly heralding profound drawn out change…

To be born under Uranus (which Aquarians are) is an honour indeed, which needs to be treated with healthy respect. This planet inspires altruism. But also signifies self-importance and eccentricity. Uranus allows for detachment, as well as the ability to be all things to all people. This mode of being is a law unto itself. In true maverick style Aquarius knows best. A perverted rebellious streak gives Uranus the edge.

Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years and remains in the same sign for usually seven years….its influence is general.

But this sign certainly dictates your urge for freedom and the way your individuality is expressed.

Where was URANUS at the time of your birth?

Uranus in ARIES: Dynamism, assertiveness, self absorption, fires.

(Uranus has been in Aries for only 9 years since the 1800’s from April 1927 to March 1935. It returns to Aries March 2011)

Your spirit of adventure is pronounced and you seek freedom at any price. In the extreme this urge for freedom can cause alienation, estrangement and frequent departures from what has gone before. You are blunt and outspoken. Watch that fiery temper! You would do well to develop more empathy and understanding

Uranus in TAURUS: Strength, dictatorship, structural damage.

(June to October 1934 and April 1935 to May 1942. Uranus returns to Taurus in March 2018)

Often with this placing you are looking for new and practical ideas re money and material gain. You love to change the old way of doing things at every given opportunity. You have great determination and courage. Full of purpose you always get things done. Watch that stubborn streak though; it can definitely hold you back. Practice free expression!

Uranus in GEMINI: Intellect, versatility, educational changes

(May 1942 to June 1949)

You are a genius and intuitively brilliant! You have the ability to pioneer new concepts in the work place, and have great passion for what grabs your interest. BUT you can be deeply restless and often loose patience with your best ideas far too quickly. More self discipline will enable you to bring things to fruition. Self belief is everything

Uranus in CANCER: Detached emotions, unique family heritage

(June 1949 to August 1955 and February to June 1956)

You really need freedom of emotional expression and simply hate to be stifled. Authority figures make you baulk. As your tastes develop you love unusual décor and surroundings. You are quite the eccentric. You are highly likely to be psychic and need to stay grounded. There is a risk of instability at times. You need to be nurtured and understood.

Uranus in LEO: Great achievements, royal births, egomania

(June 1956 to August 1962)

Your need for independence means that in love and romance you like to lead the way. . You are a born leader who needs to dictate how things are gonna be. You are artistic with certain standards and you redefine set standards asap. Watch out for egotism with this placement. Your chance to make the best impact comes when you consider others. Become altruistic!

Uranus in VIRGO: Neurotic behaviour, Health Changes, Mental restlessness

(August 1962 to September 1968)

You have original and unique ideas regarding health and well being. You are very innovative with science and technology also. Meticulous intellectual research comes naturally and you get to the bottom of whatever you undertake to understand. You may feel your have health niggles; but these inspire you to get busy. You always find solutions

Uranus in LIBRA: Unique talent, coldness, superficiality

(October 1968 to November 1974 and May to September 1975)

Ironically you find your independence through relationships and partnerships. You set yourself up for stress and disharmony if you hook up with someone too demanding. Choose partners carefully. You have an unusual legal brain and often find ways to reform rules and structures in your environment. You are unconventional, inspirational and probably musical!

Uranus in SCORPIO: Sexual deviations, emotional coldness, cruelty

(September 1975 to November 1981 and October 1974 and April 1975)

You find that independence comes through radical and inspirational change. Bound to be over emotional with this placement; you also have unique psychic insights and pick up far more than is humanly useful! Your sensitivity is certainly heightened and you need to find ways to protect yourself. Watch that temper. Sometimes you insist on change in dictatorial fashion…

Uranus in SAGITTARIUIS: Exploration, unique records, new discoveries

(1904 and November 1981 to November 1988)

You have very unique individualistic ideas about religion, philosophy, spirituality and education. You are eccentric and have a bizarre way of coming up with pertinent perspectives. No doubt you are interested in anything hidden and mysterious. But be careful in your exploration of things which may be more powerful than you! Beware natural forces!

Uranus in CAPRICORN: Ruthless power, insensitivity, new regulations

(1905 to 1911 and December 1988 and January 1996)

This generation brings about powerful changes in government and business power structures. You know how to keep the best of the old traditions, whilst making radical plans for significant grass roots reform. Doubtless your ambitions are strong. Your desire to succeed is formidable and you have ways of making people walk and talk. Be kind!

Uranus in AQUARIUS: Inventions, rebellion, advanced space travel

(February 1912 to March 1919 and January 1996 to March 2003)

Old outmoded ideas don’t cut the mustard for you. You have to have the freedom to make your own decisions. No one is going to tell you what to do anytime soon. You use intuition more than logic; but you get some serious results by trusting your visions. You set the trends and the rest of us follow. You are no sheep that is for sure

Uranus in PISCES: Unique talent, emotionally chaos, tidal waves

(April 1919 to March 1927 and March 2003 to 2011)

You seek to bring about change and assert your independence with the use of your heightened intuition. You dig deep and have a good understanding of the universal unconscious as well as formidable self awareness. You can be idealistic though and expect the best of people. You get disappointed; but not much perturbs you

PLUTO highlights personal obstacles and our ability to overcome them. This planet has a strong influence on our hidden secrets. Life’s mystery and dark side loves Pluto energy. Its terrain is the skeleton in the closet, and the subterranean depths of the unconscious.

Pluto is the ancient god of the Underworld. This energy dances in the shadows, and is not afraid to stare death in the face. An intrepid fearlessness attaches to this Planet’s vibration. Pluto is resilient, determined and will not take defeat lying down. Therefore, Pluto inspires transformation. But Pluto can be dark, dangerous and cruel. When off balance resist and avoid this energy at all costs…

Pluto entered Sagittarius in late 1995 and this significant shift brought about significant pressure for all of us, depending on what issue it hit.

Where was PLUTO at the time of your birth?

Pluto in ARIES: Sudden eruptions, nuclear wars

This is a reforming placement; but without the staying power to complete the good ideas. This transit begins in 2082 and ends in 2101. Maybe Aries pioneers in the future will be exploring the outer reaches of the Universe and finding everything we never could!

Pluto in TAURUS: Dedication, underground activity

A resistance to initial changes but then acceptance and long term results once the new regime in place. The long haul produces major change. Pluto moves into Taurus in 2101 and stays there for 31 years!

Pluto in GEMINI: Advanced changes in communications, verbosity

Regeneration manifests through the dissemination of ideas and good communication. Pluto moves into Gemini in 2132 for 30 years. It is perhaps hard to imagine but there will be new forms of communication and new ways to distribute information developed under this influence.

Pluto in CANCER: Family traumas, obsessions, ultra sensitivity

(July 1913 to June 1939 for the first time since the 1600’s)

Regeneration of society will come through the deep emotional involvement in the home and homeland. Pluto in this position will domesticate new worlds, new environments and new emotional attachments.

Pluto in LEO: Changes in power and authority
(1939 and 1956 and January to August 1957 for the first time since the 1700’s)

Regeneration manifests dramatically through power struggles internationally. Potentially a dangerous time! The last time Pluto was in Leo saw the power struggles which led to the Second World War. Hopefully the proceeding reign of Pluto in Cancer establishes a peace which cannot be threatened by such shenanigans

Pluto in VIRGO: Minor obsessions, earthquakes, ingenuity

(October 1956 to October 1971 and April to July 1972 for the first time since 1720)

Purging of society and life occurs through the analysis of what is or is not essential. This is a practical time. Under the last reign of Pluto in Virgo great advances were made in surgery and medicine. Perhaps by this time science will have the capacity to defrost all those frozen cryogenically.

Pluto in LIBRA: Transforming legal change, intense charm

(October 1971 to Nov 1983 and May to August 1984 for the first time since 1735)

Regeneration of society comes through revamped partnerships, relationships and marriages. By the time this reign occurs it will be interesting to see if it will see a return to the traditional values we just about still hold dear. Or will there be harems and multi dimensional marriages galore? Mm….

Pluto in SCORPIO: Sexually transmitted diseases, alternative therapies
(November 1983 to January 1995 and April to November 1995 for the first time since before the Revolution in Europe)

This is the eleventh hour placement of Pluto in Scorpio, which last occurred from 1983 to 1995. This is the time when Global Warming became established in our hearts and minds as a serious issue. AIDS surfaced as a serious threat and alternative medicine developed its influence significantly. Will we all still be here by the time Pluto hits Scorpio again?

Pluto in SAGITTARIUS: Prophetic powers, extrasensory perception, extensive travel

(November 1995 to February 2008 and June to November 2008 for the first time since the American Revolution)

In this sign Pluto leads to the success or failure of the transformation which has gone before. Perhaps by this time we will all be more enlightened spiritually and bound by our beliefs and common humanity. Preoccupation with materialism, profit, and loss do not work. It is make or break time.

Pluto in CAPRICORN: Return to law and justice, earthly restrictions

(January 25th 2008 to June 14th 2008 and November 26th 2008 to January 21st 2024 for the first time since 1762 to 1778 during the American Revolution)

This is a practical time where the debris and loose ends of the Pluto in Sagittarius reign get tied up and sorted. The Aquarian age gets reconstructed and new rules are put in place. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn the French Revolution brought serious reform and change across Europe and the United States was founded.

Pluto in AQUARIUS: Development of the new world, uniqueness, spiritual science

In 2041 a New Order will be established and structures in place which will benefit from Aquarian altruistic reforms. A more altruistic phase begins…

Pluto in PISCES: Self destruction, enlightenment, strengthening of the emotions

This regime next begins in 2061, more than 50 years from now. By this time we should have a much deeper understanding of who we are and what our priorities should be. Here’s hoping….why cant we get there sooner?!

NEPTUNE ruler of the oceans has energy enough to transform the masses. The processes inspired by Neptune are laborious but profound. Ideologies, beliefs and social norms come under the jurisdiction of Neptune. But commendable spiritual tendencies may become off-the-wall fanaticism. The down side of Neptune involves escapism, indecisiveness, and elaboration of the truth.

Neptune off balance muddles the vision. So discernment is important. Those ruled by Neptune should guard against self-deception. For wild fantasy and wish fulfilment tendencies need to be monitored.

With Neptune in the frame, dreams and visions are loaded with significance. This depth, wisdom and imagination may be expressed as a great gift…

Neptune spends twice as long in a sign as Uranus….usually about 14 years. This is most definitely a generational planet. But it has an important influence in your natal chart depending on which ‘House’ it resides in.

Neptune links to your spiritual and intuitive talents…

Where was NEPTUNE at the time of your birth?

Neptune in ARIES: Dissolution of leadership, spiritual evolution

This placing fires your imagination big time. It also allows you to act on your psychic impulses with the full force of trust and faith. Ego needs to be watched for this can be a dangerous combination when off balance. Powerful indeed…

Neptune in TAURUS: Financial losses, gothic architecture,

(Next in 2052!)

Imagination and spiritual energies are channeled into concrete practical expression. This is a handy grounded placing. The danger lies in your tendency to put too much emphasis on material well being. The illusory seduction can be that you are too rooted in reality! Work that one out…

Neptune in GEMINI: Instability, openness to spiritual awareness

Your heightened intuition bridges the gap. A great combination where left and right brain function tend to be well balanced. Imagination and spiritual issues are channeled through logic and reasoning. You are formidable and must guard against burn out and thinking you can conquer everyone and every thing…

Neptune in CANCER: Psychic development, oceanic changes

(July 1901 to July 1915 for the first time since before the American Revolution)

This placement ensures heightened psychic ability. But also makes you quite impressionable if you are not aware of your own ability. There is a need for grounding; and an acute need to be aware of the difference between reality and illusion

Neptune in LEO: Theatrical talent, dissolution of royalty

(July 1915 to July 1929 for the first time since the American Revolution)

This is a bold, creative and imaginative placing. You are bound to be extremely expressive and imaginative. Watch that your ego does not alienate people or hold you back. Yes you can conquer the world; but do not advertise the fact…

Neptune in VIRGO: Floods, mental instability, agricultural booms

(August 1929 to September 1942 and April to July 1943)

You are cute and know how to handle your productive imagination and spirituality. You carefully analyze and understand what is what. Just do not over analyze as you need to trust a greater freedom of expression. You can not always fit your spirituality into a box.

Neptune in LIBRA: Flower power, hallucinations, peace, beauty

(October 1942 to October 1956 for the first time in 200 years)

You use beauty and harmony to express your spirituality and your essence. Watch for misplaced idealism and do not assume you can save the world. You perhaps can; but would do well to be practical and channel your good energies wisely.

Neptune in SCORPIO: Lack of control, addictions, healing power

(October 1956 to November 1970 and previously in 1806)

Your great imagination serves you well and allows you to understand deep spiritual matters if you are so inclined. Watch for the temptation or pull of drug and substance abuse. You may be prone to sex issues. Just keep your deep dark side in check and talk things through when needs be

Neptune in SAGITTARIUS: Restlessness, visions, religious fervor

(November 1971 to January 1984 and June to November 1984 for the first time since 1820)

You may not yet appreciate the psychic ability you have and you would probably want to try to understand it intellectually first before using it. Um it doesn’t work like that…USE it. You really need creative freedom and self expression is your most valued asset. In the exploration of all things spiritual you may be drawn into the cult/guru thing; be careful

Neptune in CAPRICORN: Dissolution of laws, clouded principles

(January 1984 to January 1998 and August to November 1998 for the first time since the Civil War)

You have a practical side which allows your spiritual ideas and impulses to be expressed sensibly. Watch that the voice of reason does not completely stifle your imagination and psychic impulses. You always double check your messages and tend to doubt things unless they are staring you in the face

Neptune in AQUARIUS: Intellectual depreciation, great visionaries

(February 1998 to February 2012 for the first time since the Civil War)

Great spiritual changes and developments are linked to this placing. You have the capacity to be quite the innovator. Not much passes you by and you have a unique perception which can really help others. You may not appreciate that your talents can be grounded to help you in practical ways.

Neptune in PISCES: Compassion, surrealism, spiritual awareness


You have a vivid imagination and might as well see where it can take you. But you need to stay grounded and not get lost in a world of illusion. Learn how to balance your psychic insights with practical application. You can help many with your messages but need to test that you are getting it right before you can be fully confident!

Predictions 2010


The Grimes Twins

Jed and Ward, I mean Jonathan and Edward, were the surprise success story of this year’s X Factor. They will probably make the most money most quickly of all the acts to appear on the show. But will they have a lasting career or burn brightly for a year or two only?

Without Louis Walsh’s management skills it would have been the later. Indeed they probably wouldn’t have lasted beyond the subsequent X Factor tour. But Louis is now on board as Jedward’s full time manager, so he must be convinced of their durability.

It was so obvious from the off that Louis Walsh was going to warm to the two twins from Lucan. Mr Walsh is not stupid and he clearly has the talent for spotting an act which is going to catch public favour and imagination.

I suspect that Jedward are TV bound; but for the moment they have X Factor touring obligations. Before and after that they will be very much in demand for public appearances. Managed carefully theses two are all set to make a huge amount of money. If they get Max Clifford on side through Simon, they are MADE. I am sure too that Louis Walsh will be clever enough to groom them for the long term.

At the very least these two have a career in children’s TV to fall back on in RTE. But I expect Louis has more grandiose ideas. I am not sure the Americans will get Jedward. But I am sure Louis will try every which way to find a gap for their zany Irish groove.

The twins need to stay London based to succeed and build on the momentum of their popularity. I think it would be a mistake to try for America. These guys need to get an Ant and Deck type slot on Saturday morning UK TV…

Trapattoni PISCES March 17th 1939

As Ireland failed to land their rightful place in the World Cup line up, Trapattoni was feeling the pressure of Uranus retrograde in Pisces. So, shall we all blame it on Uranus rather than T Henry? Nah; I guess not!

Trapattoni’s planetary challenges in the last while translated into a whole lot of stress in the run up to this fated final qualifier. Ireland put in some exciting performances and it looked like a little bit of magic was going to swing it for a while. But this is football and it should not rely on things like magic…or cheating.

Destiny played an unlucky card for the Irish team the day Henry hand-balled the French to victory. I do not actually think he did this deliberately. But it happened.

Will Trapattoni be the fall guy? I doubt it. However, he may choose to retire soon enough. I not think Trapattoni is going to be blamed for the Irish failure to qualify. We are all too distracted by the Henry thing.

As a man of conscience Trapattoni has been hit hard by what happened. You could say that things could have been done sooner to up Irish chances and he is aware of this. But to give him credit, the exciting performances and team turnaround are good testimony to his management skills.

I would be very surprised if Trapattoni stays as long as 2 to 3 more years as manager of Ireland. But watch for what happens during May, it could be very interesting and surprising! Is Roy Keane waiting in the wings for this position? Me thinks he IS!

LADYGAGA March 20th 1986

Is it just me, or is Lady Gaga a bit… well Gaga! She is a cleverly marketed and talented package. She is a she isn’t she? I am a bit suspicious that the camp and very gay Perez Hilton (Hollywood gossip columnist) has adopted her as his Twitter wife. Mm…Says it all really doesn’t it?

Ms Gaga is obviously very creative, eccentric and outlandish. She is off beat and possesses a certain Germanic charm (even though she is American). Ms Gaga is bohemian, off-the-wall and probably descends from Andy Worhal…

Born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries Ms Gaga is an unusual mix of personality traits. She has the googly big Piscean eyes along with the steely determination of a focused Arian. Her unique talent and bizarre dress sense is rightly applauded. In a way Ms Gaga has usurped Madonna’s crown. I expect Ms Ciccione is not best pleased. Here is someone younger, weirder and dare I say it more relevant.

Lady Gaga is not afraid of hard work; indeed during 2010 she will have more than her fair share. Gaga just needs to be a bit careful with temptations on-the-road. To keep her position, she needs to perform like a harlot and live like a nun. Her alter ego clearly walks off the stage with her, so she may have a problem with grounding at times. She has to watch it or her ego will unravel and we will soon be looking at a Britney Spears type melt down.

At the moment Ms Gaga is the epitomy of cool. She is destined to win 101 grammies and awards in the next while. Lets hope she keeps a grip and milks the limelight I am sure she will…

Amanda BRUNKER June 12th

I am under strict orders not to predict any more babies for the delectable Ms Brunker. So…I’d really better not…But But But….

It is great to see Amanda’s happiness; career and family life develop in the last few years. Amanda is a Gemini and although she has achieved an awful lot in the last while it can not have been easy. Astrologically speaking it has not been the easiest of times for Gemini. They have been contending with a lot actually. But knowing Amanda this has only served to strengthen her resolve and make her all the more determined.

I sense a third book coming on for Ms Brunker and of course it will be just as successful as the others. It is a shame the recession is restricting budgets as I am sure The Champagne books would lend themselves to a cool mini series. If we were more ‘Hollywood’ about things here it would have been produced by now.

Amanda is undoubtedly a yummy mummy and being a good mum is her rasion d etre. Perhaps if she had remained young free and single Amanda would have conquered America by now. But some things are more important. Besides there is more than one way to skin a rabbit!

If Amanda incorporated more Americana in her books this would open up the States market in the blink of an eye. Just a thought…

TIGER Woods December 30th 1975

Oh dear oh dear oh dear….Mr Woods has got himself well and truly stuck in a HUGE bunker. My theory is he could check in for sex addiction rehab for 2 or 3 months and get himself out of the Woods. But he is a proud man and a Capricorn who must now be kicking himself at his indiscretions. Is he ever going to lift a golf club again? I’m not so sure. It is wifey who dictates what is going to happen next.

Erin will of course leave Tiger eventually, but on her own terms and in her own time. For the sake of the family they will both do their bext to hold things together and there may even be various attempts at saving face. But really it is beyond this now.

Tiger will get back to the golf and will be on the American Team for the Ryder Cup. He needs to get back to what he is good at (besides pulling waitresses).

It would be a disaster for Woods if his current wife insists he does not play any longer. This would end the marriage even quicker than these infidelities. If Erin does persist to the courts, Tiger will land on his feet and remarry fairly quickly.

He has no trouble attracting the ladies. For this reason, Erin wants to do this in her way and attempt to retrieve a semblance of pride...if at all possible.

Woods has obviously been away from home lot and they must have been living pretty separate lives oblivious to the issues which threatened to destroy them.

Erin is a mum who has two very young babies to consider. I do not know how she is going to manage to get past the humiliation and betrayal of what Woods has done. But she sure is gonna try, despite her mothers wish for her to return to Scandanavia with the kids.

I am wondering what Erin’s motives are at this stage. It obviously is not to do with money; as Erin would gain more financially if she walked away NOW. As a couple they obviously have serious issues to sort out. But as parents they still have common ground.

I suspect there is an underlying reason which is yet to surface. Capricorns like Tiger are not usually unfaithful. But Erin and Tiger are very different personalities who are not really that compatible. Tiger has more than a trophy wife in Erin; and he is about to find out how much power the woman he married has. She will serve her dish cold. He will suffer and repent for longer this way and she knows it.

OBAMA 4th August 1961 and Michelle January 17th 1970

I wonder who wears the trousers in this relationship. Obamelle are an adorable and genuinely besotted couple. But boy is Michelle one to watch! She is a formidable first lady and an excellent support for Obama. Extremely intelligent, charming and beguiling, Michelle is extremely influential and important to Obama’s equilibrium and success. The White House has another Bill-Hilary type combo, destined to last the distance.

Obama’s winning of the Peace Prize is something which he is going to have to earn in retrospect. Obama won this because of what he represents in coming to power in America. But he really now has to DO something practically as well as politically. There are certain factions of American society already miffed with Obama’s health care reforms.

During 2010 Obama will need to make smart decisions. Still involved in two major wars over seas, America needs to address this bringing-the-troops home issue. This is going to be such an important aspect of Obama’s presidency and if he manages this feat in the next 2 to 3 years, he really will have earned his PEACE prize. This he will need to do if he wants a second term in office. Obama is a Leo who campaigned and won the presidency because Saturn was in Virgo, his opponent’s sign, not Leo HIS sign.

Strange but true…

Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh November 12th 1970

Blathnaid has had a rough ride in the last couple of years and her life has undergone a sea change. Scorpios often suffer for stretches before reinventing themselves. They are the metaphorical phoenix who arises from the ashes time and time again. Usually old souls they have karmas to work through and each time the suffering seems to deepen. The good news is they mature and gain huge wisdom along the way. This kind of life experience eventually brings a new lease of life and a fresh start. This is where we now find Blathnaid. She is hurting still from what has happened and needs to be appreciated once again. Over the next year this feisty red head will find that things flow much better. Professionally there is always a place for Blathnaid. She is the ultimate old school pro and brings good energy to every project with which she engages. Things are on the UP…all good!


Oh Posh is Posh. What more can you say? She’s not going to go away any time soon is she?

Posh is a strong fiery Aries head who is never going to lie down quietly. She stood by her man Becks when he was (allegedly) unfaithful and he has been somewhat subdued and well behaved every since. This brave behaviour demonstrates Posh’s steely quality and determination. But she was a mum who needed to keep a cool clear head and not react too rashly because her kids needed their father. She also needed to hold on to her kudos and clout and business partner.

Things are back on track for the Beckhams but they still do lead quite separate lives. However, Becks is very unlikely to put himself into a position where he will (allegedly) stray again.

Posh has redefined things on her own terms (as Erin Woods now has to do). Public humiliation can not be easy to cope with and Posh dealt with it all with some serious denial. Don’t knock it; it worked.

Going forward Posh’s status as a fashion designer will go from strength to strength. She will remain in the high end fashion trade for years to come and is only just getting started. Donna Karen move over…

Brian LENIHAN 21st May 1959

When do we ever receive news of a budget without complaining?

Of course things really ARE serious at the moment. But before Christmas Lenihan did what the money men do. He favoured the banks and devised the means to keep big money spinners like the French and German markets on side.

The reality is that Lenihan needs to keep Irish interests live abroad. This keeps us in the frame and gives us a fighting chance once the recession starts to turn. Which it will!

Do we ever get this explained? No we don’t. We just see that the vulnerable get further hit and that the impoverished become more so. I guess if we all took an economics degree we might understand what Lenihan did with this last budget. Let’s just say, he is trying to halt the collapse of the economy and keep us buoyant in the world’s market place. Brilliant…Ha ha

Understandably we are regaling against the tricky circumstances we are dealing with. We have all been affected. But does it help anyone to waste energy blaming one, two or three men (Lenihan, Cowen and Bertie)? NO!

Lenihan is still dealing with the legacy of the Celtic Tiger. We have been in the midst of a cycle of decline and in time we will again be in a cycle of prosperity. There is a time for growth and a time for decay.

Lenihan is a Taurus (just). He gets his own way and succeeds over time. We are going to have to work with it and get used to it until the good times descend…

Brian COWEN 10th January 1960

Oh Crikey just realizing we have two accountants running the country! Cowen probably sat down with Lenihan and helped devised the game plan budget designed to get us out of the mire. Cowen is another money man, a Capricorn. So we have a Taurus and a Capricorn in cahoots, in charge of the country’s purse strings. Interestingly Bertie, whom a lot of people blame the country’s decline is yet another earth sign, a Virgo.

What Bertie had which neither Lenihan or Cowen have is charisma. However, perhaps bedside manner no longer matters. We are in a critical condition requiring two skilled surgeons to step in and do what they do regardless of what we might think. The test of the success of this recent surgery – the budget - remains to be seen.

I suspect by May we will actually begin to see signs of an upturn. In the mean time no one is going to step down, retire or get fired. We need the guys in charge to do their job and there really is no point in blaming anyone. Aiming our anger at Cowen or Lenihan or Bertie is pointless. We need to batton down the hatches and attend to our circumstances as responsibly as we can.

We are ALL stretched and suffering in some way. The way forward is to be as positive as possible… Enough of Cowen!

Astro Groove for 2010

General ASTRO Groove for 2010

ARIES: The first two months of the year continue the good and bad theme you have been experiencing for some time. Bide your time and do not rush things as the year kicks off. If you are studying or researching these are productive times and your creative groove is jumping. Be open to new connections. 2010 is a great year for redefining your friendships and love relationships. It is most definitely time to move on from anything which does not cut the mustard. You really do not want anyone or anything holding you back. Don’t panic about finances. Wait for the more productive times which happen along after your birthday. Be cute with your savings and invest wisely. You will be feeling at your most optimistic during the summer months travel plans are really inspiring. During 2010 you need to say a BIG yes to everything which comes your way. July and August are lucky months so make the most of opportunities. Use your powers of communication in grand ways and use the good vibes to negotiate a deal or two. Keep on the move and keep the energy UP. Autumn sees you in mellow groove and you need to go with the flow of what is already in place. If a relationship is not working chances are November will be time to call it a day. But enjoy the wind down of the year and celebrate in anticipation of 2011!

TAURUS: You need to generate your own energy and momentum as 2010 gets under way. Be self aware and monitor the various aspects of your life. YOU have control so recognize where you are working it and be honest where you are failing in typical Taurus style you do not need to rush for mad changes. Just reflect and see what is what. A cool cute appraisal in the run up to your birthday will serve you well indeed. Be careful during March and April as they have their own agenda. You need to step off the gas and allow the Universe to deliver. Do not force things in the run up to the summer. The spring will be lucky for you so long as you live with the introspective moments and look for the positive in EVERYTHING! Let family and friends get on with their own groove and do not be overly embroiled in their decisions. You need your energy for YOU in 2010. July and August are expansive times and you should take every opportunity which comes along. Be active and up-for-it both socially and romantically. The autumn is good for your work groove so make the most of your discipline and productivity. New responsibilities beckon. If you are single as the year begins to wind down be very aware and open that a friend or acquaintance could be the one. There is major change on the horizon as the year completes

GEMINI: 2010 can get off to a dynamic start for your work wise. You are in the mood for making a splash. Be well advised and stay alert right from the off. Patience with finances and relationships pays off. Be your mutable flexible self. March and April and the run up to your birthday need careful handling. You need to build on the good stuff during January and February. Then tread water to maintain things until after your birthday. The early summer sparks up your energies and you feel much more optimistic. Keep in touch and try to integrate the past with the present. Build new connections as relationships are make-or-break this year. Good efforts and oodles of understanding are necessary and if you can not muster up the will to engage with certain people, you will have to admit defeat. I would recommend that you do not make any radical moves or decisions until the autumn though. Things can change in the blink of an eye without you doing very much at all. Indeed when in any doubt you would do better to let the Universe lead the way. Consolidate your position with work, love and money. You do not need to make radical changes during 2010. Simply build on what you have already established in the last couple of years. Let what is outworn fall away naturally

CANCER: Take a slow and steady approach to 2010. Things can and will change for the better. But you need to pace yourself. Finances will begin to take on a better shape as from February. You will have plenty of creative ideas personally and professionally. Be confident in the information your sensitive antennae is picking up. Use your organizational skills as the pace of things picks up in March and April. Improve on all the efforts you put in last year and build on what is established. In work you stand to get recognition and promotion as the summer approaches, and if you have been out of work look for openings at this time. July and August look very lucky and dynamic for you so take your chances. If you have been building up to a move of house, this will be a great time to make the change. Make the move which has been a long time coming and which makes most sense to YOU. The autumn may well present travel opportunities linked to work and/or pleasure. Go for any mad cap idea which surfaces at this time as your sense of adventure will be nicely primed. Ready for anything as 2010 starts up? You’re gonna have to be! You will need the full scale of your resources to get through in imaginative ways. The key is to trust in the present moment. The rest will then fall into place over time

LEO: Sit loose to any unresolved issues or confusion as 2010 gets under way. You always have the means to survive and get through things. This New Year will be no different. Business deals and opportunities at the top of the year look good. If you are looking for romance, this should also be a productive time. March and April offer up a dynamic shift which is long over due. You will see results of efforts made in the last 3 to 4 years, even though you are still clearing the debris of challenging times. For 2010 you need to release deep-seated and long standing issues which have been getting in the way. The time is now. You are destined to be successful, so prepare to embrace what is on offer. On no account let the past hold you back. In the heady summer months of July and August your charisma is strong. You will get your way with most things. Take advantage and prepare to turn things around. Tackle priorities at this point and put new structures in place. Your Birthday stretch will sort out most things paving the way for a smooth and productive wind down to the year. In the autumn attention to detail is fundamentally important professionally and personally. Don’t get lazy and unravel all your good work. You will face challenges and a rethink during December; which will ultimately turn out WELL

VIRGO: You should be in good form as the New Year kicks off. Typical Virgo you will be looking to tie up the loose ends of last year in order to engage fully with this. There is good flow and continuity leading into the year and you should not seek to divide the two in your mind. Your New Year groove began back in November when Saturn moving into Libra was a HUGE weight off your shoulders. You should have been feeling a lot lighter and brighter. 2010 is a good year for you to engage in the fray once again. The spring is going to be great for romance. About time too! It is important to let old issues go in order to embrace the new. Life will sort it all out for you and the positive astrological trends mean that you do not have to do anything except turn up. 2010 sees the end of feeling out of control, oppressed and distressed. Now that can’t be bad. Summer time sees you anxiety free for the first time in AGES. You can finally conquer the ghosts of the past and get on things experiencing renewed life, love and energy. You have everything to play for as autumn approaches. No one is going to turn you down and your popularity and confidence increase ten fold. Make the most of every positive event. It is time to get on the move again. Travel plans must be adhered to and your self protective streak should soften. You need to OWN 2010 Virgo, it is there for the taking…

LIBRA: During 2010 an experimental mood can serve you well and stretch your creativity in an impressive way. Use recreational time to find out who your friends are. Long term connections will shift and change for you this year and you MUST adapt to the shifting energy. Don’t hold on too tight to what has gone before. It really has served its purpose. Onwards and upwards; right? Your confidence and optimism can be accessed by simply deciding to keep it positive rather than buying into defeat or introspection. You are one of life’s survivors and whatever you put in motion will come good for you. Clear up existing problems, and do the emotional pruning you should have done a while back. During 2010, embrace your potential and the numerous opportunities for expansive change in the year ahead. There will be potential loved ones of all shapes and sizes, so enjoy good company as a tonic for the soul. The big changes and adjustments will smooth out for you very quickly if you adopt a devil-may-care attitude. Enjoy all your connections new and old; for changes in your status are inevitable. Follow through with those big ideas and bring plans to fruition. I know that you hate everything that threatens your Status Quo, but do ditch anything past its sell by date. Resistance to change is futile.

SCORPIO: During 2010 it is continually important to question yourself. Who are you? Where are you heading? What do you want from life? You need to find clarity in order to bring form and shape to the future. Remember that up to a point you are the creator of your destiny; and you certainly have a BIG responsibility to make intelligent and truthful decisions. Stop buying into the belief that life is something that happens to you. There is more to play for than you realize and the hand you have been dealt is actually pretty good. Work with it and be confident and happy about where you have got to. Flexibility is your key to luck and inspiration, especially during the spring. There is no point in getting frustrated when things don’t work. Learn detachment and attempt to reserve judgement when people rile you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your career and creativity throughout the early part of the year. You DO deserve more fulfillment and recognition; so go out there and get you some. In the autumn go with the flow in your relationships and do not shut down when the going gets rough. This year, your circumstances may at times shift dramatically, but it will always for the best. Remember that your Unconscious attracts the right conditions for change towards you. Feel your way intuitively. It’s very important that you don’t ignore your powerful urges or hunches.

SAGITTARIUS: Be more organized during the opening months of 2010. Up until the spring prepare to clear up residue clutter from your life and release past mistakes. Be in control of your destiny, and expect to thrive in ways you have only dreamed of to date. By May and June your social ambitions will be realized and you will get the recognition you have long deserved. Get-back into the driving seat and accelerate at full throttle. The race is on and you are streets ahead of the competition. Be aware that personality clashes are inevitable though as your tough streak emerges. Come the autumn, be quite ruthless and disciplined about what no longer fits, and always watch that your heart is respected. Insist on a good deal. You have finally emerged from a long, dark tunnel. Personal freedom is now within your grasp on many levels. For 2010, if you reach for the stars, you can expect to be propelled straight to the top. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make the end of the game without even trying. Believe that the best is yet to come and it surely WILL. In the winter season your commitments will be challenged; so take note. Those who can accept it are for you; those who can’t quite definitely are NOT. Equality is crucial to the shape of your future relationships. Decide to have no time for those who hold you back or sabotage your attempts to get ahead

CAPRICORN: For the duration of 2010, you need to resolve to be clear with your feelings. It is time for a reality check. Do not mislead anyone; least of all yourself. For the first part of the year, do not allow nostalgia to fuzz up your ability to make intelligent decisions. Planetary alignments will support you with any new venture you care to mention. Let expansive horizons inspire you socially, and learn to discern when genuine opportunities manifest. Come the spring, do not dither or question things too much; go for it. The worst you can do is fail and the BEST you can do is succeed; beyond your wildest dreams. It really WILL pay to think and act BIG in the year ahead. But be realistic and keep your feet on the ground. It is important too not to over stretch or to make unreasonable demands on loved ones. The roller-coaster ride of life will get turbulent but interesting by the autumn, so keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you. Important career decisions will emerge at unexpected moments during 2010. Choose wisely. Do not expect things to go according to a rigid plan. You definitely WILL get the results you want and wish for. But you need to follow the path of least resistance, especially when others are involved.

AQUARIUS: Use reverse psychology as your secret weapon this year. Your ambitions are strong and people may sometimes think you have changed beyond recognition. You will need to step off the gas to get what you want; but you are not about to suffer fools that IS for sure. Be there for those who count and don’t be bothered with those who don’t. Your life can be expansive as you like during 2010. Simply go for what is coming at you and be assured that everything will have a magical flow. Just go along with the Universe and accept what is happening. Expect your luck to change in direct proportion to the risks you take. Jupiter will be supporting you and challenging you to push the boat out. In spring time especially, you are capable of a lot more than you appreciate; so go for it in career matters. Come the summer, follow your heart in love. Decide to be all you can be. Do not be tempted to put things on hold; if it works it works, if it doesn’t well at least you will have found out at last. Finances will improve as autumn falls. But you need to organize your priorities. The rest will follow. Generally your success in the year ahead depends on whether or not you can maintain positive thought and action in all things.
Every New Year gives us a chance to project healing and good vibes into the ether. Remember, that what you are putting out for will reflect back to you like a boomerang.

PISCEES: During 2010, there will be more than enough to go around, so do not panic about the distribution of wealth, ideas or love. You are feeling competitive that IS for sure. Step into a brighter, freer and lighter Universe. During the spring watch out for a stubborn streak and channel surplus energy into ambition and progress. In love, ironically, being more open with your partner will allow you to preserve your privacy. During the summer months, expect your horizons to expand and new visions to manifest. Good communication is fundamentally important in work, play and everything in between. So keep a clear track of your feelings and don’t be afraid of heart felt expression. If you focus and concentrate on your goals, daily life will become more comfortable and manageable. Let love be the BEACON that guides you through any storm in 2010. Mutual sharing and caring with loved ones will light your way. Be clear and honest with yourself; and don’t let unrealistic expectations muddy the waters. Hold on tight when the ride gets bumpy, but enjoy the view nonetheless. As long as you know where you're heading you will reach your destination. Watch how you drift along Pisces as the New Year kicks off. You need to ease your way into things. There really is no rush. Wait until after your birthday before you make BIG decisions and changes.