Monday, May 18, 2009

What Recession Blues?

Dear Sarah

I am really worried. I have been on a back-to-work scheme which ends in the summer and I have been told that I won;t be eligible to sign on. My work has not yet taken off and I am worried I will be left homeless and destitute


PLease do not worry. You really ARE expending alot of unnecessary negative energy on your situation. I would suggest you put focus and constructive creativity into expanding the business you have already set up.

I know the nature of your business and it is something that we DO all still need, even whilst in the throws of this recession. Rather than ruminate, why not make efforts to build your contacts and client list?

If the worst comes to the worst, you are of course entitled to State support. But in all honesty, I do not pick up that you are going to need this.

The Universe gave you the opportunity to set up your own business through the very positive back-to-work scheme. I think you should honour that and not expect to be left penniless and destitute

I know you have not been lazy about your situation and I do realise how you can get down when times are so uncertain. But the reality it many of us are falling foul of a lot of negativity at the moment. I have made the point before; negative thinking really does attract MORE of the same. It is never more important than now to be POSITIVE.

Like attracts like and if we put out a negative vibe, we will like a magnet generate more difficulty and stress. We all need to be DISCIPLINED and focused about remaining positive. This DOES work and it will give a chance to rise above the Doom and Gloom expectation we all bought into (pardon the double entendre).

The Doom and Gloom talk has proven to be very EXPENSIVE. It obvioulsy does absolutely NOTHING to remedy things in the long term. Not even in the short term is it good to indulge in letting off steam in this way.

At the moment I would strongly recommend that people don't even open their mouths unless it is to be positive.

Again I will recommend the prinicples of The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

Why don't you also Google Cosmic Ordering and find out more about it on line? It is a Universal law and principle that really DOES work, whether you have faith or not. Obviously though the law of attraction requires you to at least be positive to give it half a chance

There is no doubt that astrologically speaking we have been challenged. Mercury is currently Retrograde which means we must be careful what we sign up for. But this week Saturn moves forward in Virgo, which will unblock a whole lot of stuff, in a GOOD way. Any delays and stress you have (all) been feeling will slowly but surely disipate through the summer.

Yes , patience is needed. BUT I strongly believe that we are at the point of an energetic UP turn.....this will then in time lead to an UP turn in the economy.

Do NOT listen to the doom mongers who make a name for themselves by buying into the negative talk. Listen to the economists who predict the rooting of Green Shoots in our economy instead...

I have to say all the negative talk and restrictive vision has been depressing indeed. The good news is, we really do NOT need to hold that thought. Okay with Saturn still in Virgo until November we are bound to experience a reality check or two. But this can be ultimately productive rather than detrimental.

Saturn in Virgo enables us to bring new and positive structures into play. The old and time-worn can now disintegrate and fade away whilst new and vibrant options have the chance to become established. Yes, we are experiencing the legacy of The Celtic Tiger which appears to have made a swift exit left, hand in hand with our charismatic leader Bertie Ahern. But, to be honest, it is probably about time the merchant bankers took the rap for the mess the economy has gotten into. Yet even the big wigs will cease to panic as signs of an upturn pop up, much quicker than the experts expect…

The recession has become a monster in our heads and we are undoubtedly making things a lot worse than they have to be. Our thirst for drama and a good old moan has transmogrified in a destructive way and the recession is now an ingrained imprint on the public psyche. We are all buying into it and the air of doom and gloom is difficult to assuage.

On the up side, I really do NOT think it is going to be a long term crisis. People are remembering the dip the economy took in the eighties when a major recession became a lethargic slump. I believe that the downward spiral will be halted in the nick of time. This won’t happen again.

Okay toxic debts and scenarios in the banking system have to be dealt with; but this can only be a good thing. It will actually benefit individuals as they get sorted and it will benefit financial institutions as they scale things down and restructure the system. This is ultimately a healthy process which will benefit us all and what is more it will not take as long to sort out as people assume.

The good news is that through the summer months the first time buyer market will begin to pick up and our economy will start to show very positive signs of recovery. The key to the turnaround lies in shops discounting goods which encourage us to keep spending plus shifts in the property sector. Yes some people are getting into difficulty re negative equity and arrears on mortgage repayments; but measures will be put in place to retrieve things and the boost to the market will take people back to where they started in the next two to three years.

What is happening could actually prove to be a blessing in disguise. It is very important to keep the faith, even in the midst of adverse personal circumstances. Remember the law of return means that we should be grateful for what we DO have.

Even diminished circumstances can prove to be a gift if we keep our spirits bright. I certainly would not buy into the negative expectation of an economic crash.

Sooner than we think there will be signs of an upturn. Until then, this is a lesson in circumspection and responsibility for all of us.

Hang in there; its all good.

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