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Winning Ways?

Winning Ways?

The most frequently asked question aimed at those who claim to be psychic is without a doubt ‘Go on then…give us the Lotto numbers…’ Quite rightly this is the very first question people tend to ask when presented with a so-called psychic.

For the skeptics accurate predictions of Lotto numbers are a tangible recordable event, and if it they also lead to a win of money; bring it on. What better way to test the claims of ‘all the frauds out there’? It’s a win-win situation. If the psychic proves to be a fraud, well they shouldn’t be out there touting their wares; and if they’re accurate enough to win we’re quids in’.


I have had my own run-in with the Irish Skeptics on this matter. On the Marian Finucanne show RTE Radio I was challenged by a pushy skeptic about my claim that I was regularly hitting three and four numbers out of seven on the Irish Lotto draw. I can assure you that it was not a lie. But my flippant (somewhat naïve) comment led to the poor skeptic getting very wound up indeed. I was subsequently challenged me to a show-down live on air and on their web site.

The skeptics were full of assumptions in their challenge and I am sure they thought I was full of assumptions in my claim. Anyway I was asked to come up with three and four numbers in seven of the next ten consecutive draws of the Irish Lotto. If I failed I must give 1,000 K to a Childrens’ Charity and if I passed they would be bowled over enough to donate the money themselves. Kind indeed!

I refused this challenge for several reasons. I already do a lot of unpaid healing work for those who ask and I did not feel the need or desire to be thus tested. I respect very much the protocol of the skeptics, but I realized that whatever test I subjected myself to would not be enough to assuage their negative belief that there is absolutely NO such thing as psychic ability.

Of course I absolutely disagree with their viewpoint, even though I am open to the idea of being tested, I have yet to come up with a method that adequately respects the delicate requirements of The Gift. What people do not realize is that psychic information does not always come through ‘on demand’. It tends to be on tap when I need to help people or when I need insights to write an article.

I am not saying I would not be able to fulfill the skeptic’s protocol requirements. But I do remain convinced that whatever one did to prove one’s ability would never be enough.

Some of you may be aware that James Rhandi had an ongoing challenge to all psychics on his web site, which astutely also advertises his ‘Foundation’. The Million Dollar Challenge has caused quite a stir over the years with many fruitless attempts to take on the Master Magician.

I did put myself up for this challenge actually with the backing of a TV company who were willing to make a documentary on the subject. We found Rhandi very elusive when push came to shove and it proved very difficult to come up with a suitable test which fitted with everyone’s requirements. I gather he has since withdrawn the challenge in the belief that it will never be adequately fulfilled.

Never Mind. I think Rhandi is right.

No one stood a hope in hell of winning that money. I do not believe that Rhandi had any intention of conceding a pay out of his sacrosanct ‘Million’.

Psychic ability simply does not exist in the eyes of the skeptics and there is nothing that can be done to convince them otherwise. What is the point of even trying?

Whilst I was trying on line to defend my choice to put up certain details pertaining to the search of Madeleine Mc Cann on the internet (I did this because of the nature of the case and the apparent police incompetence), the skeptics challenged me to put up Lotto numbers on the internet.

This I did. I stated that the numbers 9 11 and 19 were about to hit in the 49’s draw in the bookies and I invited people to ‘place your bets’. I did this at 12.25pm or so on the stated day. The numbers came up directly at 12.50pm in the lunch time draw and the consequent head–spin the skeptics went into was hilarious.

I accept that what I did was not in compliance with their strict requirements of testing. At the same time it was bloody funny. The real point is that I was trying to help find Madeleine with my input on the internet and I believe that this numbers scenario arose to give what I was saying some credence.

I do not believe that the main function of The Gift is to win money for those who claim to be so blessed. At the same time, there does seem to be a window of opportunity at times for such a win to happen. Who are we to state that God can not provide money for people in such a way? I am absolutely sure that he can. I just do not think it is the main purpose of The Gift that it should be used for personal gain.

The Gift is primarily in place to help people, and such public demonstrations of its efficacy perhaps do not have a purpose beyond assuring people that the information otherwise given is correct.

Winning money through this means is possible; but not perhaps desirable. I have come close to a big win I don’t know how many times. It has been a learning curve that IS for sure.

What I have grown to realize though is that the energy of winning money is complex. I have won money it is true.

Only this week I have won in every single Lotto Draw with three consecutive wins on three and four numbers (giving a grand total of 23, 52, and two lots of 20 euros). You could actually say that I have (nearly) had a lot of luck with money.

I have had repeated small wins over time and when I did the SIX predictions (for Irish Popstars in 2001) I had been doing numbers for a fortnight that actually came up. Of course this was the one draw I had not backed as I was running to meet my ex in a café. Compounding the truth that exes really are expensive, I missed out on 1 and a ½ Million.

Spurred on by this near miss I then began the attempt to win in the bookies. I used to place a one punt bet on the 5 numbers out of 7 and in just about every draw I got 3 or 4 numbers out of the 5, which would have won me 150, 000 K had the 5 numbers hit.

In the end after the run-in on the matter with the skeptics I gave up. Yep, they’re gonna love that confession. Maybe I’ll join their ranks yet (joke).

I noticed this resonance with winning numbers from an early age. Aged 11 at the school fete I just knew that the wheel was going to spin around to number 5 winning me a bottle of Champagne to take home to Mum and Dad. It did and I proudly walked home with the bottle of Bubbly.

Trouble is, my parents were so not impressed. Worried more like, when I told them with absolute conviction that I just ‘knew’ number 5 was going to hit.

can see now why parental concern would not have encouraged such a thing. But the reality was I really did know I was going to take that bottle home.

So is one’s luck with numbers down to some kind of power and conviction, or is it really totally random and coincidental when our number’s hit? Having observed over time what happens when you have a conviction about numbers, I do think there is definitely a factor that goes beyond what one might call mere coincidence.

A ‘hot’ number has an X Factor if you like; a distinctive vibration. I get a strong sense when a number is hot and when it is not.

After the Irish Popstars predictions were revealed in which I got all SIX of the kids in the band correct (Including Nadine Coyle’s replacement), a paper asked me to predict Lotto Numbers for the next Lotto Draw. I did this and once again 3 out of the 6 numbers given came up. They were so impressed with this that they did a follow up piece much to my surprise.

It makes logical sense to me that we may well get a sense of when our numbers are going to hit. Now I am not trying to be irresponsible with pointing this out, and I am not suggesting you run to the bookies every time you get a whiff of a win. That would be folly, especially as we are in the midst of this recession we have been busy talking ourselves into. BUT over time I have definitely noticed that my psychic experiences with numbers DO go way beyond the phenomenon of mere coincidence.

For example at an after hours house party in the very select company of Bono, Guggi, Michael Hutchence, Rob Kerwin and Simon Carmody, I was innocently spinning the (very small) Roulette Wheel when Guggi proceeded to take over asking me to pick a number. I said RED SIX. It came up. He asked me to pick again. I said RED SIX. It came up. He asked me to pick once more and I said RED SIX, and blow me it came up again!

What are the odds of that happening? I asked him why he was so impressed and he said if only we were in a Casino right now, I be a very rich woman. I am not bragging, merely trying to indicate that there may well be an innate ability that we all have which goes beyond what we currently accept as ‘the norm’.

Is there really such a thing as coincidence? I don’t think so. Obviously I do believe that there IS such a thing as psychic ability. But apart from that, I believe the Universe is full of Synchronicity moments that we would all do well to observe.

The phenomenon of Synchronicity is an untapped force that the scientists need to get their heads-around. It makes sense to me that a psychic is able to ‘tune-in’ and come up with numbers. Why do we doubt it?

In fact I am convinced we are ALL able to be more ‘in-tune’ with life, the Universe and everything.

The Universe is ordered and set to an energetic rhythm. The scientists and the mathematicians would not disagree with that. Perhaps the psychics are simply a step ahead of the skeptics possessing not necessarily proofs, but truths.

Oh; and if I win this weekend; you will be the first to know…

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